Comodo Internet Security Free and Malwarebytes AntiMalware Premium


I am using Malwarebytes premium (the paid version) and I would like to know if I am to expect any compatibility issues.
Is there anyone else here using the same combination of programs?
Would it be better to disable malwarebytes web site filter as comodo seems to provide that already?
Any exclusions or configurations that I should do?


Malwarebytes is a good software and its webfilter is better than Comodo Webfilter. It is a fact.
There is no compability with CIS, I can use the trial version of MBAM with CIS.
You can use it together with no changes.

Add mbam.exe to the Exclusions of the AV of CIS. The CIS scanning agent cavwp.exe will act up with heightened CPU usage when mbam.exe is scanning; at least with the free version.