Comodo Internet Security - FP ?

Please forgive me if this is not supplied in the right format/forum, but I really don’t know what I’m doing ???

Comodo Internet Security reports the following…

Malware Name - heur.suspicious[at]25196263
The location is - C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTTask.exe

I also get a message when I shut down the PC, but it flashes up too quickly to capture, so I looked in the Antivirus event log.
There are daily logs for the following…(■■■■■■, can’t cut and paste…)
Malware Name - Heur.Pck.RLPack
Location - C:\System Volume Information_restore{ED5DCF98-3A03-4ED1-B26B-AB66D9EECA85}\RP555\A0136456.dll
NOTE - the last digit increases by 1 periodically.
Also there are a few instances of Malware Name - Heur.Pck.RLPack in Location - C:\System Volume Information_restore{ED5DCF98-3A03-4ED1-B26B-AB66D9EECA85}\RP555\ from a few weeks ago.

(I am assuming no typos!)

I have checked the virus database, and it’s up to date.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



We are going to check it out and will get back to you shortly.

I update to AV database Version 3422 of Comodo Internet Security Version 3.13.125662.579 ,didn’t found the FP,so,could you zip the file and attach it to your post
A File can be added to exclusion by
1.Launch CIS and navigate to Antivirus → Scanner settings-> Exclusions
2.Click ‘Add’-> Select → Browse ->select the corresponding file and add it to the exlusion list
3.Click ‘Apply’

Sorry, I am a little confused.
My product version is 3.9.95478.509
Database version 1538
Serial # ACD443A67B474793ACE13B1E9C4922E1

I have checked for updates , and it says I am up to date.
How do I get Version 3.13.125662.579 and database Version 3422 ??

Also, attached is 1 of the 3 files in question (I think??) but I can’t seem to find the second 2 files??


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Hi Duckss,

You can try the following options to update your CIS to latest version:

Launch CIS and navigate to MISCELLANEOUS —Check For Updates ,you can update the version 3.13.125662.579.

If it doesnt work,try the below one

  • restart your computer in safe mode
  • go to C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners and
    rename bases.cav in bases.old
  • copy the bases.cav file from C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet
    Security\repair to C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet
  • restart you computer
  • open CIS and go to Antivirus → Update virus database

If you still experience any problem,Please let us know.
Thanks and Regards

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