Comodo Internet Security - FP

Comodo Internet Security has detected a Virus

Serial# :10B44EE87CAF47e39AC8EEBDC978756D
CIS version 3.5.57173.439
CIS database number: 994

Productl site:,cnt=782&rel=0.html
direct download:

I post also the virus total response:

If you want to try, need to install drivers (also without having modem ND220) and the problems starts.

Hi Ulukai,

We have detected and cleared the bug in the latest software release version , so please use, CIS 3.9

Erik M.
Ukrainian AV-Lab

Ulukai & meidan.

I would like to remind you that CIS v3.9 is still in beta testing phrase, Not released yet. So Ulukai be aware that could be bugs in CIS v3.9 beta. :wink:


Looking at the virustotal report, it is still being detected as malware in database 1120.


We analysed through the submitted files, and found the false positive and have fixed it in the latest base version 1130.

Thank you for your efforts on reporting the false positive.