Comodo Internet Security for Android

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Android is the future operating system in the smartphone world.

That needs a powerful internet security like Comodo Internet Security for windows operating systems.


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This is a very good idea.
A mobile anti-virus and anti-virus for Linux

oh…GOD…this was what I wanted to tell…any way an antivirus is sufficient i think cause ip tables is still there in the linux kernal.can we expect a beta in the near future?

+1 :-TU

Having got an Android phone recently, would like to see some kind of security on the device.


Eh, I’m a bit flaky on this; Why? I am still on a Nokia 3310; All these phones coming out every 2 months, by the time the dev’s starts building for one phone it will be out dated :smiley:
I’d have to say that a CIS on a Cell phone? come on, really?..

Or am i just getting to old these days :smiley: :smiley:


There was a new trojan detected recently on Android system and I think that number of viruses will increase with time.

Yes, I’m pretty sure the number of viruses (malware) will increase over time on these mobile devices. Ok, the security is probably better than your average computer with Windows but I would still like some kind of additonal protection.

Not sure how easy it would be to develop on androids but Apple products, I think would be easier.


Well I think CAV on a smart-phone platform would be a nice idea. It would be difficult for the developers but there are more and more java malware targeting these platforms.

True; Just give it a HIPS and you’ll be fine (I think this would be more useful so you aren’t using up your space on these new phones… , or even just go back to original flip phones or those Motorola 1000’s :smiley: :smiley:



I think this would be something that wouldn’t be too hard. There are a lot less possibilities on an android as a computer, and frankly it probably be a very small code. This would also force the phone companies to make less updates in the OS because security companies aren’t going to want to keep updating with the new phones. I can see this request becoming a reality though, as it is one of the most requested features for comodo to have. Also Bitdefender Security Solutions for Business - Free Trials As you can see here bitdefender already has a mobile security software. Comodo is definitely going to try to compete imo, and so will many other security teams. I think that the most realistic thing that could happen is that a company will appear that is strictly mobile security. When you only focus on one area you tend to catch that area pretty good, so that software will become very popular.

Not to mention smart phone and tablet is going to replace most people desktop and possibly laptop too.

  • 1 Million, please Comodo do this for us… I would try the beta straight away, and be nice to have block call/sms option. Have tried the Norton one on my G1 Android… only thing i have tried and only used it for block… You (Comodo) could do this with ease, you’re more than cable of knocking out another security product, and as more people are going android, the more Comodo will spread when users see it on the market/app place and then in turn use for their home computer(s) as well?!

+1 for me on Android

+1 HIPS for Android :-TU

I would say that would be a good idea for the Android system since I do own a smartphone myself. That I hope will follow thru.


Given the recent malware in Android’s market and future threats to this platform, I would very much welcome an internet suite featuring hips and firewall. I’m currently running Droidwall but this only monitors connectivity, not what is able to run on my phone. I think something needs to be added sooner rather than later (unless Google change their security model).


i got a virus on my android this morning not even sure where from :S it downloaded a APK from a web server all by its self, lucky didn’t install it :P. one thing a program like this will need is testers and lots of them, people willing to download everything and anything in order to test what they do, android does show you permissions but with things like launchers for example, that need access to most thing it’s going to be hard to see what’s malware and whats not.

i think we need an trusted list and a policy sandbox for any untrusted apps for android :wink:

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