Comodo Internet Security Firewall (permanently) "At Risk".

I haven’t had a problem with Comodo like this for a few years - back then it was with the installer, and not being able the install CIS because of a previous version. I was actually able to fix this by using Combofix to scan my computer - I tried to use Combifix again, but it does not work in Windows 8.1. The problem started when the latest Comodo v8 started detecting my video games patch fixes as malware - there was no way to whitelist the fixes or disable the malware cloud scanner - and booting into safe mode everytime to patch new sections of my games took a while. So I decided to try and old version of Comodo I liked v5. It was hard to find, but I ran the x64 version and it said it was incompatible - so I uninstalled it with revo, and tried versions of 6,7 then 8. So I’m back at v8, because it installs and mostly functions - the the Comodo Gui constantly says “At Risk” - so I click the red Fix It! box, and the Comodo Diagnostics box comes up, and the circle spins and the percentage goes to 100, and the green check mark in the circle comes up - and below it it says "Diagnostics did not find any errors. Then in the bottom right corner of my computer pops up the Comodo Firewall Restart Computer - so I restart now, and the computer restarts - but when my computer restarts the at risk is still there, and the Gui still says “The network firewall is not functioning properly!” Any suggestions?