COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver not installed.


I just noticed that the CIS 6 firewal diver is not installed on my system, now I know why my CIS firewall haven’t been working properly for a while (not showing any network activity, connections, alerts etc).

By the way! I have NetLimiter Ndis Driver installed from NetlLimiter 3 which i have installed way before having issues with CIS firewall.

do i have to reinstall CIS?
can i just install the Comodo firewall separately ?


Hi Sigfrid,
What operating system are you running?
The reason I ask is the FW driver does not show up in your network connections properties on XP.


Hi again captainsticks,

Sure, i’m running windows 7 x86… i forgot to add it before xD


Hi Sigfrid,
Just to clarify, I am not sure if you mean the FW is not installed or just the driver is not installed?
Is the FW installed or just the AV?
If no the FW is not installed, it can be simply added using the add/remove wizard.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

If the FW is installed and the driver is missing from your network properties, you could try adding the driver manually.
Navigate to ‘C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\inspect.inf’, and right click the inspect.inf file then select install.
Tip: Make certain the file is the same version as the program version, sometimes previous drivers are also retained in this folder.

If all of the above fails,
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Hope that helps.

Hello again,

Indeed the firewall is installed and worked for some time but, since five months ago it stopped working properly as i stated above. Maybe i’ve messed something up by installing NetLimiter 3 (needed a network monitor which cis 6 FW hadn’t by then) however i had no problem with both installed (at least for a while).

My inspect.inf is outdated (April 2013) what can i do then?

can i just repair/reinstall the FW with the current cis 6.3 installer?

do i have to reinstall cis ? 'cause i really don’t want to XD


Hi Sigfrid,
The file created date is not an accurate guide to the version number.
Within that same folder hover over (Or right click select properties) the inspect.sys file, this should give the version number and see if it corresponds with the installed version.
Note: The file repository may contain more than one version in individual folders.

I’ve found two inspect.inf/sys files

The most recent inspect.sys:

File Version 6.3.294583.2937
Product version 6.3.32439.2937

I’m currently running 6.3.302093.2976.(Product version)

For memory I think some minor updates did use the previous driver, but without being certain I would not like to suggest trying one of the non corresponding drivers.

I guess if you have the original installer corresponding with your product version, you could run it to see if it can repair the installation.

Have you tried diagnostics, found under support in the question mark help icon.

Unless someone else has a better idea, if all the above fails I would suggest a clean re-install.
If you do decide to do a re-install and have concerns over a custom configuration, you can export your configuration and import/activate it after the re-install.

Hi again!

I ran the corresponding installer of my product version and reinstalled, although it wasn’t exactly a ‘‘clean re-install’’
the FW and everything else works just fine so far.

Thanks for your help captainsticks :slight_smile:

You are welcome.
A bit of a mystery as to what caused the issue, but as long as all is well now. :-TU
Let us hope it continues to function correctly.

Kind regards.