Comodo Internet Security & Firewall 5.8 2012 blocking Internet Download Manager

Both new versions of Comodo are calling Internet Download Manager malicious.
What is happening?
This may be my last time using Comodo, because IDM is my main program for media retrieval.

Can you add it to Exclusions?
False positive with IDM has been resolved not so long ago…

i m using IDM as well …but CIS 5.8 didn’t detect any malicious…

may be u r using some kind of patch or cracked version of IDM … so CIS detects it as malware

Happening again with 5.9.219863. Didn’t happen with 5.8.213334.
Why is this happening with different versions?
About to switch to Private Firewall.
Going to download 5.8.213334 and not upgrade.

PS, 5.9.219863 seems to come with all these geekbuddy pop-ups, even though in the installer I configured the install with no geekbuddy (or AV).

In D+ events, it is saying scanned online and found malicious. I put it in trusted files, but Comodo says it already is. I am going to turn off the cloud scan in D+ settings.

Worst case scenario on uninstall. On restart, the task manager showed a comodo service, that then disappeared. Now my computer says windows is not genuine, and no programs start up. System restore doesn’t work, etc.

Man, what have you done??? :o

Windows was stuck on the startup repair loop after uninstall. There seems to be no fix for this in any google searches. System restore wouldn’t run (most files wouldn’t.) But I got the reinstall to work with f10. Took a few hours to reinstall (up all night.) I want to stick with private firewall, but I’m addicted to comodo. I won’t reinstall 5.9.219863, but I will try 5.8.213334 again, and hope that it doesn’t conflict with idm. I will definitely try to uninstall and reinstall idm instead of comodo, if it does. Or use a system restore, instead of an uninstall. I will also turn off the cloud scanner in D+. I’m not sure if there is one in 5.8.213334.

I think something may be wrong with your installation. Please follow the steps I outline in Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems. Let us know if this helps.