Comodo internet security failed :(

Hi ive have been a user of comodo internet security (free edition) for a number of years and love the service you provide but just recently after leaving my pc on over night (as i normally do) i woke to see various error messages telling me that comodo had stopped work. i then proceeded to restart my pc but it wouldnt because it said a files was missing and in fact all the files on my c drive had been totally wiped and my windows was no more. I wish i had more info for you but seeing as all error reports etc where wiped from my drive this is all the info i have and thought i should at least bring this issue to your attention.

your sincerly

a slightly disgruntled but still loyal user

Do the following:
Start → All Programs → Accessories → Right click “Command Prompt” → “Run as administrator”
Click"OK" on any alerts.

The Command Console will open

Enter the following commands, at the Command Prompt. Commands must be entered exactly as shown.

Press the Enter Key after each command. Wait for each command to finish before proceeding to the next command.

[b]sfc /scannow[/b]

You may be prompted for the Wndows 7 DVD Or Windows XP .

Do what i tell you Should solve all the file deleted or corupted

i think the problem may be your child or some one who deletes the file when you close out

at all do what i tell you
and put The DVD of Windows 7 or Windows Xp Which (Already installed in your PC)
after finish copie and solving the problem
restart PC

You Say That’s you Using comodo From a number of years and no problem
That’s your proof (comodo Good program) but there’s a problem in any program
i think this a bug in windows or any person he never see the PC and he deleted Your C:/

im here to help you i will back after one hour inchalah :slight_smile:

Best Ragards
Electron Phonex

Hi fuse01,
Please follow the suggestion from hicham0716.

All files can not be missing if you are getting alerts that Comodo has stopped working.
This could also be some form of hardware failure if all files are no longer visible.
Keep us informed how you get on, thanks.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like he can’t get into Windows at all hence he wouldn’t be able to do what you ask of him. Using a repair CD would make more sense to me.
Actually it would make more sense to me to check in BIOS if the harddrive shows up then start the computer with a live CD then browse the harddrive to see if the files are there or not.

yes you are correct about that But he can solve everything using The orginal DVD

There’s a option to repair windows files which he says are missing

at all Thank you bro because i don’t read everything i read the first (comodo error)

we are here to help him to solve the problem

Sometimes mistakes happen. Whether the result of a false positive from antivirus software or a misunderstanding of a file’s function, on occasion a valid system file can be inadvertently deleted or quarantined. Sometimes, the results can seem disastrous - a looping blue screen each time you try to boot up the PC. Other times, a stop error with a cryptic message may be the result. Here’s how to replace the missing file(s) to get your system operational again.

[b]Here's How:
Start your computer with the Windows Setup floppy disks or with the Windows CD-ROM.
At the 'Welcome to Setup' screen, press F10 or press R. (Windows 2000 users will need to press F10 or R and then press C).
You should now see a list of installations and the prompt "Which Windows Installation would you like to log on to?"
Select the appropriate number for the Windows installation that you want to repair.
Type the administrator password and press Enter. If the administrator password does not exist, just press Enter.
From the recovery console, issue the following command:

expand D:\i386\filename_ C:\

where filename_ signifies the name of the file you want to extract, 'D' signifies the drive letter of the source you are extracting from and specifies the path of the folder to which you wish to extract the file.
After the file has been extracted, type exit to leave the recovery console, remove the Windows Setup floppy or Windows CD-ROM and restart the system normally.


Good luck

I have since reinstalled windows because it was the only solution available to me and in doing so is when i realized that the HD of which windows was previously installed was completely wiped and was showing all space free its almost like it had been formatted but all i did was try to restart my computer after comodo stopped working. I can only assume that a virus of some sorts wiped my hd and if it was a mechanical/hardware fault then it appears to have fixed its self as the hd is now retaining data

bro this’s the life we lose we lose and we rise again
about it’s virus i know comodo detected it but Defense+ message take 120 Second after that desappear
so the problem was you let comodo message to allow The virus or this malware
when you install comodo again try to do auto block all Unknown files and defense+ block anything work exption the truster vendors

Try to restore your files with Any program like recovery my files … etc
i hope that’s comodo programming a program which do that

Next use a comodo time machine or do a backup for windows
if you want any help we are here

Best regards
Electron Phonex

Hi fuse01,
Sorry to hear a re-install was your only option, I hope all valuable data was backed up.
Hardware failures do not usually fix themselves, so we can most likely count that out.
The mystery will probably remain forever.
I hope the problem does not return and all the best. :slight_smile:
Thanks for replying back.

Edit: Due to not really knowing the cause of this issue I have moved this topic to the General Discussion section.

Something for future similar problems:

I’d recommend getting another hard-drive to keep back-ups to. Do not keep back-ups on the same hard-drive because that renders the back-up useless in cases of hardware failure.

If you forgot to take back-ups and you had important files on the hard-drive, don’t re-install Windows right away. If available get another hard-drive and install an OS on that hard-drive, then you can use an application to scan your hard-drive that crashed for deleted files etc. The reason not to install Windows on the hard-drive that crashed is because it will most likely over-write data on the hard-drive rendering some documents or files un-recoverable.

Back-ups are to be preferred though and if you have two hard-drives in raid 1 it writes the same data to both the hard-drives so that if one fails you can continue on the other, this will only help if one hard-drive crashes, it won’t save you from software related deletions etc.

thnx for your help and advice guys hopefully i will now avoid this situation in the future. As for important files i always use a hd solely for the OS so all my important files where luckily stored else where.

You are welcome.
Glad to hear that all your important data is safe. :-TU

I thought D+ Would block the application if know one did anything in that 120 sec. I strongly believe that what it should do if no one is there when the alert message pops up. I am sorry to here that you had to re install. Hope this problem won’t happen again.