Comodo Internet Security - Early load option

Presently Comodo Internet Security loads very late in the boot process. Often the GUI comes up, but we will see the message “Comodo Internet Security is initialising”.

Can we have an early load option (Like Norton IS), or a default early load scheme so that Comodo Takes control of all the boot up applications.

+1 I agree and I was have some problem with as well on my XP it very strange and it very true :embarassed:

It is indeed needed. Avira also has this, if my RAM serves me right… :-TU :slight_smile:
ALSO, BOOT scan for antivirus is a must! Avast is the only one [and I think HitmanPro for final cleanup] that use pre-windows boot environment to clean threats!

this would be a great feature but i dont think it will be added because cis is for protection not cleaning. is there any advantage for early load if the system is clean?
cleaning features will be added to cleaning essentials

Cleaning Essentials would be integrated into CIS later on, not sure if version 6.0.1445032.2453 or later, but eventually it will be…

No that I know of…

:o ???
Come again…?

A joke, bro :wink:
Come on, like 5.4.189822.1355
I just made up some numbers for v6…
But there was a talk for CCE to be integrated into CIS and most likely, I assume, would be from 6.2 later!
This is just a speculation tho

Uhhh…for a minute I thought you were beta tester with some inside info that leaked out… ;D

I’m usually the last person to know something in the family ;D
We need Wikileask or LulzSec on this! :P0l
Just for a sneek peak! 8)

Actually, the important parts of CIS load very early in the boot process, cmdGuard.sys is one of the first drivers to load and guard32.dll is only a short way behind. Use something like Process Monitor and set boot logging for more detailed information.