Comodo Internet Security Does Not Appear in Add Remove Programs


How can I get CIS to appear in Add Remove Programs so I can rid my system of it.

Thank you


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Is there not an option in your Start Menu all programs.

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To be honest I expected there to be an msi reference, I haven’t looked under it’s All Programs alias Folder.

I’ll check tonight.



Hi, there are no entries for Comodo in any of the All Programs for any user.

So I have effectively no way of uninstalling it…

I wouldn;t mind but it’s blocking incoming RDP traffic over SSL VPN and the stated rules to allow this traffic have been configured but do not work.




that’s weird. I have on both places
Try to install CIS again

If you go into your Start/Programs/Comodo/CIS you should see an uninstall located there.
Also, if you have not checked, go into your Control Panel, under Programs Add/remove. You should also see it located there.
You could also try Revo Uninstaller, or Total Uninstall 5.

Comodo was not present in any of those locations, I downloaded the latest binary and reinstalled over the top of the existing installation, this gave me the All Programs Shortcuts required to remove the software which I have now done.

Might give just the AV a try now rather than the whole shebang.

Cheers for all the help people.