Comodo Internet Security Defense problem

I just downloaded Comodo and started running it yesterday. I used it on my main account which is a limited user on XP, and also on the Administrator account. Now I wanted to make changes to XP with the administrator account, and in doing so I saw the Comodo Icon in the tray and it has an exclimation mark on top of the regular Icon. I checked it out, and saw that it says my “Defense+ is not functioning properly”. I ran the diagnostic on it, but it says that it cannot find anything wrong. I’m worried about this can somebody explain it to me.

I’m running 32bit XP Pro.

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this more of a tip and not an answer to your question.

I would recommend you to uninstall it, read this and download the clean tool and then install CIS in your admin account.

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Valentin N

I agree. This simplest solution is to uninstall and then reinstall.

If you like you can follow my advice in this topic.