Comodo Internet Security default install

If i install Comodo Internet Security , and i change nothing , except the Comodo DNS servers disabled.

Will i still be 99% protected ?

Because the default is , with the alert reduction ( ive seen that the firewall allows all outgoing connections )

Is that safe , is there a thing that composates the lack of outbound protection ?

And am i safer in pro active mode ?

I mean , in ‘’ internet security ‘’ mode , can malware sneak through Comodo ?

You should be fine. Just use Proactive Mode to prevent outgoing connections. Between the Sandbox and D+, you should be safe from malware. You can make more secure preference settings, but they will come with more alerts.

As usual I would recommend that you follow the advice I give in my article. I’m currently updating it.

and , i have the sandbox disabled , that is still safe right , defense + is on.

but in internet security mode , all outgoing data is just allowed ?

just like windows firewall ?

Comodo offers several layers of protection. Disabling the Sandbox removes one of those layers, so your protection is decreased by that. D+ is still a good defense. Allowing all outgoing is a little more risky. You’ll just have to decide on how much protection you want. The choice is yours.