Comodo Internet Security CONFIGURATION HOW TO?

Hi all.

I want to know if there is any how to on configuring CIS to have better security but not poping up everything?

That is something that I need to set up on my clients so they dont need to bother (too much) about the CIS popups.

You can show them how to answer the questions.

1)Want to install something?
Choose treat as installer. DONT mark remember my answer.

2)Want to allow something to run?
Choose treat as allowed application. Mark remember my answer.

3)Want to let something connect to the internet?
Choose allow outgoing. Mark remember my answer.

Three things that are obvious. And you can master comodo.

(Use safe mode for defense+.
Use custom mode for firewall, question level HIGH.)

Custom policy on high is going to make alot of pop ups. Their best off using Chiron’s guide.

It sounds like you are looking for my article, which is here. :wink:

No, it just guarantees to get each attempt as a question.
And if you get a question, you can choose to allow (outgoing) or block.
So many possible questions, but still just one answer to give per program. Once.

He wants something with few popups that doesn’t bother his clients, settings custom policy with alerts set to high will trigger it on outgoing & incoming requests, for each protocol, and each specific port. That is potential a lot of popups depending on the complexity of the applications requesting connections.