comodo internet Security complete

hi. I wonder why comodo Comodo Internet Security complete, has automatic scanners scan files but I have to start the scanner itself. type avast 4.8 and 5.0 new rules have scanners that can scan 24 / 7 also has the kaspersky. o surely many more.

think comodo should add it so it scans all the time without having to start the self-scanner …

i hope i get response on this Question. :P0l

comodo starts at startup and the realtime scanner is always active comodo scans anything that is put into memory so your very safe

CIS does not have an abundance of shields like, browser shield, p2p shield, IM shield etc. So it won’t alert when you download something to your HD. Only when malware hits memory or explorer reads a folder with malware it will alert.

That choice is by design and helps to keep CIS light on resources.

This means that no need to fear when you download or watch porn or look poorly protected site?
Is not it dangerous to download malware in the memory?
One question: if my license is valid for new CIS-complet 5 ?

Anything trying to access the memory will be scanned? Thus if it is malicious, and already detected by Comodo, you won’t even get a Sandbox, Defense+, or Firewall alert.