COMODO Internet Security Complete Usage / VERY High

COMODO Internet Securirty

  • The total used memory

Ive been thinking why is the COMODO Internet Security memory usage so high?
Other Antivirus/Firewall/HIPS/Sandboxes for example KIS doesnt even have such a high usage.

Is there any explenation for this ?

Hopefully there will be a lower usage of memory in COMODO Internet Security 2011.
Can you tell me future information about this!


I have some growing concerns about resource usages also. While RAM is still low, CIS can use close to 600meg of virtual memory. Peak RAM usage can be over 200meg… And CPU usage can be heavy also for cmdagent. I hope Comodo improves on this.

Well I think its normal:

and when scanning:

You are ignoring cmdagent, which uses a lot more resources.

Its not running at the moment but even cfp is big difference, right?

If your cmdagent.exe is not running, then you are not protected. Better check your setup. Or maybe make sure you are viewing processes from “all users”.

When I click on “all users” then its show:

and when scanning:

Those numbers seem normal. Too see peak memory & virtual you need to go into view, select columns.