Comodo Internet Security Complete and pro

Whats are better end complete edition?

I go after security

Can Complete edition protect me better of pro?

I see remote support in complete editioo,n and bacup, Identity Protection Coverage

Whats are
Real-Time access to update virus definitions.

Pro also be updated?

CIS is the same in the free, pro, and complete versions.

The only difference is you get other software bundled on depending on which you choose.

In each, the HIPS (local computer security), firewall (protection from the internet or a network), and anti-virus (a “list” of bad programs) are the same. You get free updates for all.

Paying gives you free remote help if you want it, and also secures your internet connection (in case someone is trying to spy on you; doesn’t help too much if you are always at home. Useful in public wireless internet hotspots, but not necessary on most sites where you give your login details [they secure the connection anyway]).

So Pro and complete are the same product?
Remote support in complete, only chat support in pro

Bacup in complete

Is this?

Here’s the link for CIS Free:

CIS Pro:

-Comes with TrustConnect
-Remote tech support

CIS Complete:

-Comes with TrustConnect
-Remote tech support
-Online Backup
-Virus-Free Guarantee that will cover up to $500 worth of computer damages if caused by a virus while running CIS
-ID theft protection up to $15,000

Read through these pages and they should explain anything else you need to know. The protection against viruses and other malware is the same with all of them. What changes is the tech support and the guarantees.

Under pro
Virus Free Guarantee
We are so sure your PC will remain virus free when using our software, that we will cover it up to kr2,931 worth of damages as a result of malware.

Thanks for you help

So the deffence not so big :slight_smile: