Comodo Internet Security Compatible with Antivir Personal Edition? [RESOLVED]

hi guys!!!

just downloaded the new comodo internet security. i’m wondering if this is compatible with avira antivir personal edition (antivirus)? the comodo firewall and antivir are in sync with each other. how about this new product from comodo and antivir.

thanks a lot and more power :THNK.

If you have only the Firewall installed without the Antivirus, It’s fine. Rule of thumb don’t run 2 AV’s in real time.



thank you for your immediate reply regarding my concern. good thing that i waited for someone to reply before re-installing avira.

thanks again and more power. (:CLP)

No worries mate!

And welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I will close this one now. :wink: PM myself or any online Mod if you want it reopened.