COMODO Internet Security (CIS)

Helllloooooo !

A question about CIS: Will our hero of COMODO (DUHH, I mean Melih (:TNG)) make it possible for us to choose the components of CIS. I am verry interested in a security suite of COMODO but I want to choose the components of the suite.

For example, comodo member wants this:

  • CFP3.0
  • CMF
  • VE
  • CAVS 3.0
  • CBOClean
  • Comodo Antispam
  • Comodo Backup

Other want this:

*CFP 3.0

  • V.E
  • CBOclean
  • CMF

Is this possible in the future???

What you say?? It is possible???

Come on you kidding me?? No joke??? excellent!!! So in the future we have a modulaire based COMODO security suite!!! thanks COMODO!!!

okey, bye!!!

(:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV) (:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN)

As it has been developed like now, I think it will ask you if you want it like the Microsoft Office installer

Look at the example of CMF integration in CFP. It will be like that all the time. Like this you will have the Internet security Suite for your needs, nothing overbloated :slight_smile:



Yeah, that is exactly what I want to hear!!! Sounds verry good!!! yep, another good reason to stick with COMODO!!!

The idea is you can install any components you like.

initially the only components will be CAV3, CFP3 (with D+).
Then we will add all the other security products we have into CIS.

Of course users can download these as a stand alone apps if they wanted or as a suite in CIS…


Thanks!!! sounds excellent!!! Yep, Mcafee, Symantec, Panda, Esset, Kaspersky, Gdata etc all are sweating now!!! :SMLR

phew, looks like a pool of sweat when seeing COMODO Internet Security!!! Yep, their hands are shiffering!!! yep, they pulling their hair out of their heads!!! (:WIN) (:WIN)

But, hey, there can be only one!! (:CLP) (:KWL) (you know what I mean)

Comodo internet security would be great if it would not slow down the internet speed too much like many internet security suites :BNC

That’s the goal of Comodo : give you maximum protection with the least recource usage (R)


Would comodo internet security be free like comodo firewall pro :THNK

Yep, 100% free. No catch , no kidding.


This sounds verry promising! I just wonder if it comes out at the end of this month… and it only contains 2 modules: CFP and CAVS and it is modular, so I only choose CFP… well I don’t think what the benefit is for me…

lol ?

Anyway, there should be a CIS version at the end of July. Remember that this is just a aim and it can be resheduled


Doesn’t quite sound like there would be a benefit for you right away, but in the future when they add more modules I can see it.

100% free wow I wish it get’s released fast (V)