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The question is, how do I keep CIS from freezing programs & causing PC slowdowns?

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Please read the topic above this one.

try using the firewall and defense+ only with a different AV

I believe I found the solution to prevent System Mechanic Professional from messing up on PC restart.
I patched the Online Check of the System Mechanic programs using the System Mechanic Activator, restarted my PC & it works fine.
Hopefully it will stay that & not do an automatic close.
Is there anyone who is a professional with System Mechanic?

To answer your question of confusion Yes I reverted to the non slow program (System Mechanic Professional with System Shield) with the Strengthened Windows Firewall. If the solution keeps working, I most likely will be staying put with it.

It did close automatically but I just restore online check & it won’t do that. But before I ever restart my PC, I need to patch online check before I restart my PC to keep it from messing up.

The tool I used is shown below. I had to disable System Shield before I open the tool because System Shield will swipe the tool from me if I left it enabled.

The System Mechanic Activator plays music also. I have no idea what the name of the tune is.

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If for any reason anybody wants to know what the System Mechanic Activator music sounds like, you can find it in the links below:

The links above are the best that I can find that are close enough to what the music sounds like.