Comodo Internet Security appears to have stalled at 94,621 files.

The CIS virus scanner ran for a very long time, stalled at 94,621 total objects scanned, and yet the scanner was in a scanning state, yet stalled. Anyone know why? BTW, it’s version 4.1, all updated, Vista Premium 32bit and plenty of PC power for high workloads. Thanks!

This could be caused by a memory leak, can you monitor the cmdagent.exe process with taskmanager or process explorer from Microsoft Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

You can monitor CPU usage v.s. Private Bytes, by double clicking on the cmdagent.exe process.
If the memory goes trough the roof like 1.3 - 1.5GB and the CPU drops almost to zero it’s performance is over.

You can try to pin-point the causing files/folders by testing with the context-menu “scan with” and scan root folder by folder, e.g. c:\windows and then c:\program files and next c:\documents and settings (or \users).
etc to see with folder causes the memory climb, once you find the folder jump in that folder and test the same again to find the folder that causes it…

You can then exclude that folder and try to see if the full “My Computer” scan finishes as expected.