Comodo Internet Security and TrueCrypt incompatibility

As I am still having trouble scanning Archived files with CIS, I have to ask if CIS does indeed support True Crypt. Also on my Comp. is LastPass and as it is an Acer comp. my Image Backups are done by E-Empowering. For other backups I do indeed use Comodo Backup for Pictures, Documents, Music, Vid’s etc, but have found in the past that 2 Image backups do not seem to work (Similar to Firewalls)
Scans do indeed work perfectly when Archived files are not ticked, so it has to be something on my Comp. that is blocking this. Have thought about exclusions, but is this a viable option ??
Ta in advance.

I have to say that I am disappointed that no Comodo Hero has offered a comment or help with the above post. I say this as I have since found out that the issue between CIS and TrueCrypt seems to have been known for some considerable time. As they are both such well known Apps, used by so many people, I find this extraordinary.
Since then I added TrueCrypt to the list of exclusions In CIS Antivirus settings !!!. And EUREKA the scan with Archived files ticked now works. From 12 min’s only before, to 1 Hour and a 1/2 now. Also it was the first time in 3 years that the comp. did not lock after a full scan and have to be rebooted manually. The only slightly negative issue was that when I did reboot, Windows did want to run Scandisk. But this I feel will disappear in time. Sometime soon I will add Acer eRecovery to exclusions and keep you posted as to outcome.
No Ta this time !!! :-TD

This is a forum after all. The heroes here are users such as yourself, including a few mods. Help here is for the users to decide while staff already have their hands full so browsing the forums from time to time, although obligatory, will not be enough to cover the hundreds of posts asking for help in a week’s time. Some of us really just happen to be unlucky, more so in the General Discussion (which by the way contributed to this not being read, because the title gave us no clue that this was a post for help. May I suggest a better title? How about “TrueCrypt and CIS Incompatibility” placed under CIS Help section? I’m sure that would get you the replies).

There’s a site specifically dedicated to troubleshooting which should guarantee an answer in a specified time. Well, two actually.


Aside from that, the previous post (and the title) severely lacked information. This would help Comodo Forum

The information asked for would help even if it wasn’t a bug.

It’s not as extraordinary as it looks, although people do tend to believe that if it’s popular, it can be fixed quickly (non-sequitur, really). TrueCrypt makes use of a complex set of code for encryption. Compatibility has been an issue with it for various other software since it was first introduced. Not surprising considering its complexity. Popularity hardly has anything to do with it. I mean, people know other people but I don’t see them seeing a way to make them compatible with each other. We still have wars, gender inequality, oppression, poverty and so forth and so forth. I can be more particular if you like and go to medicine and the sciences as well as the humanities. The thing is is that we (or they for that matter) still haven’t figured it out yet.

Well done! We’d really like you to keep us posted and I’ve developed an interest in this thread because there seems to be a connection with encryption and file readability. I’m currently experimenting on these, though I’ve had not much luck in the past few months. The title only said TrueCrypt and I just happened here by accident. I would have brushed this one aside as another one of those announcing some update or something (I don’t really get that. I mean, if I’m using a software, I would’ve known about the updates with or without reading the post. They could at least highlight what was the most radical of the changes made rather than posting the whole update) hadn’t I accidentally clicked on it.

Wish we had a thread for quick fixes in the forum where we can compile these. It’ll certainly be easier for people. Maybe I’ll post it up on the wishlist.

Think somebody should LOL

[quote author=theshader2 link=topic=88686.msg640326#msg640326 date=1354560661]
Think somebody should LOL

But why did the 2nd post get more response than the first one…does not make logic unless something is going on that at this this time I know nothing about

Oftentimes, and at least I know this is what I do, when I see the first post, and am unsure about how to solve the problem, I hope someone else will be able to help.

That is why the standard practice, at least for this forum, is that if nobody has been able to answer your question (and it has been over 24 hours since you first posted it) it is customary to bump your topic so more people will view it again.

I’m sorry I was unable to assist you with this topic, but I’m very glad to hear that the problem has been solved.

I try to answer when I can. But I didn’t get the clear picture with your case. So sometimes it’s better not to respond if I’m not sure or have no clue what the topic is about as nobody want some guess answer. People want solid facts. But it’s not right for you to talk about it like that. We not getting paid for it we just users like you. If you have a problem and nobody here helps contact professional staff at Comodo.

Should what? ???

It makes more sense, actually, because we have something to work with on the second post than we do on the first. As you may have noticed, no one’s still given a reply for your problem not even as so much as address it. Because there’s hardly anything useful there to work with other than the names of the products involved (and even that, we’re still not too sure of which conflicts which).

But for the second post, we have something to work with and that is your explicit discontent on help in a forum, and that doesn’t require any other detail. I see nothing going on.

It amuses me that people go to forums before getting a ticket at the help desk. I find the trend rather “backward-minded”. lol

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