Comodo Internet Security and PUPs Detection

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Can Comodo Internet Security detect PUPs

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Detect potentially unwanted applications-Comodo Help

[b]Detect potentially unwanted applications[/b] - When this check box is selected, Antivirus scans also scans for applications that (i) a user may or may not be aware is installed on their computer and (ii) may functionality and objectives that are not clear to the user. Example PUA's include adware and browser toolbars. PUA's are often installed as an additional extra when the user is installing an unrelated piece of software. Unlike malware, many PUA's are 'legitimate' pieces of software with their own EULA agreements. However, the 'true' functionality of the software might not have been made clear to the end-user at the time of installation. For example, a browser toolbar may also contain code that tracks a user's activity on the Internet. [b](Default = Enabled)[/b]

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