Comodo Internet Security and Kingsoft PC Doctor Combination

I recently viewed a video by languy on youtube in which he used kingsoft pc doctor and comodo internet security together simultaneously. My question is that will Pc doctor interfere with comodo internet security in any way? Meaning, will the Defense portion of Pc doctor interfere with comodo Defense +? Also, will the two programs conflict in any way (eg. detecting a piece of malware at the same time)? Does kingsoft also have a hips portion? Thanks.

My Security 2 - YouTube -video

I use MSE along with Kingsoft PC Doctor without any problem. Should be Ok with Comodo since i find somewhere else recommend this Combination.

AV Combo Tutorial [kingsoft + comodo]

I’d disable each of them from scanning the others files. This should prevent most problems.

kingsoft is a ring 3 program, meaning that it will not interfere with other security programs. It does not fight for control.