Comodo Internet Security build is released!

Hello Everyone ! :slight_smile:

We are happy to announce that COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall new Hotfix version is Released!!!

While we are getting very very close! to our next generation CIS Version10 Beta release, we also work ■■■■■■■ the feedbacks and the bugs we received from you for the previous version of CIS 8.4. Stay tuned for the upcoming CIS10 Beta release, as it will be done soon !

The main of purpose of this hotfix release is Firefox bug fix.

Existing CIS 6.x, CIS 7x and CIS 8.x users will receive an automatic update offer CIS Release update !

What’s new in ?


  • Comodo guard32.dll/guard64.dll causing stability issues with Mozilla Firefox 47.0

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 166M ( 173597920 )
MD5: 13685a315e0636d2c5c4a7294e4ccf7e
SHA1: 5e5e0b2b88022b7a38d1bffb18409d99a5cc30a0

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 166M ( 173597920 )
MD5: 92d1645448fb105e039ac6ddd7604161
SHA1: f0f74683672c3299b2755cb518267348cb6082c7

Comodo Firewall
Size: 166M ( 173597920 )
MD5: 44f85270abe3ec27651a1232a57023b8
SHA1: 150aca653df8297d2dcf87e661389270ecf9713a

Thanks guys :-TU

Thank you for the release Buket. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. :-TU

Thank you for this update, Bucket. It is appreciated

Thank you.

Actually no need to update for me. Staying with .5068.

Thank :-TU

Is that part of the anti-virus engine? Because I never had an issue with my Fox, and I have that part of CIS disabled.


No,it is not a part of the anti-virus engine. It is part of http filtering and is used for HIPS as well.

For your information

Kind Regards

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’m not using HIPS either, currently.
Only running firewall and the auto sandbox, so that must be why I didn’t run into problems.

im wondering about cis 10 if its going to bring all these fixes too or if its going to be a whole new product with an new engine, etc.

Usually every new version brings bugs, not fixes ;D
Just joking, I’m sure CIS 10 will be great :-TU

How is the guardxx.dll involved http filtering? That is new knowledge to me.

It contains the usermode API hooks relating to http and https/ssl functions in each supported web-browser to implement the webfiltering. Hence the reason why in the past HTTPS filtering wasn’t working in google chrome and the other bugs that caused chrome to crash e.g. bug 1787 and 1492. Remember this issue? and 527496 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

All right, updated, straight from the last 8.2, so skipped the previous one. Seems fine so far, with the usual exception of the HIPS rules which were again cleared. But I learned my lesson long ago, saved right before updating, waited for it to finish hogging CPU creating new ones on reboot, imported the save, seemed fine at first but then closed, reopened and checked again to see it have some additional entries at the top of the list again (happened last time too, system processes that normally should be covered by the group), imported a second time and that seems to have stuck.

Would still really like a fix for this, since it seems to happen often on reboots. Luckily for the past couple of months I only rebooted for Windows updates. Will see what happens when I’ll install those tomorrow now.

I’ve never experienced any stability issues with FF and CIS, but thanks anyway :smiley:

Are the new Viruscope anti-cryptolocker “signatures” found in Comodo Cloud AV also available in the CIS 8.4?

It will be with CIS v10 which according to Buket will go beta in foreseeable time. Keeping fingers crossed.

Another solid update!
Thanks Comodo! ;D


I recently tried using CIS Premium after a long time of not using it. When I installed the program successfully I noticed that CIS’ tray icon had disappeared randomly when I went to look for it in my tray area. I had since removed CIS and went back to Windows Defender, is there anyway I can report this issue without having to reinstall CIS? I would like to help CIS development leading into the v10 release.