Comodo Internet Security hotfix build is released!

Hello Everyone !

Here we are again excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall Hotfix is released!
While we are getting very close to our next generation CIS Version 10 Beta release, we also work ■■■■■■■ the feedbacks and the bugs for CIS V8.2 . The main of this hotfix release includes browser settings protection new feature and bug fixes.

Existing CIS 6.x, CIS 7x and CIS 8.x users will receive an automatic update offer CIS 8.2 Hotfix Release update!

What’s new in ?


Browser Settings Protection
A feature that will make your browsing life easier!! You will be notified in case a software attempts to change your browser settings! It will be under your control whether to keep your settings or not.


  • Chrome v50 support in Web Site Filtering
  • BSOD Chromodo in Sandbox on Windows 10 x86

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 222M ( 231936176 )
MD5: c977b1249bf7edc09b4e31b3486e3884
SHA1: 27664a1da663164c88612f106407f3b6a2e636df

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 222M ( 231936176 )
MD5: 3b27aadea6b0f32bd92cda43cbc5e0cf
SHA1: 83e8172af28943a4fb10b762964f0cd981b26cfc

Comodo Firewall

Size: 222M ( 231936176 )
MD5: c60754529564c84fcff77afdd4a551d5
SHA1: d2e2449bf65fa1dd75c3db69d3a725d093c1db85

The HIPS should turn on, does the Browser Settings Protection work?

Thank :slight_smile:

Nice update guys.

Cant wait to see cis 10 in action…

Hi savit,

Yes it would work regardless of HIPS is enabled or disabled. :slight_smile: :-TU

Kind Regards,

Please, take a look at my wish request regardless the green border of sandboxed apps. Take a look at here:

This is a nice request for cis and ccav and it could be implemented in an update to come for cis or on cis 10. The same applies to ccav 1.2 thats comming…

Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, we are waiting for your feedbacks :-TU

@vitim, thank you very much for your wish request ! Now let s see how many user will vote on it, afterwards we will be processing it. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

how does the warning message look for this?

GUI bug report moved to outdated/resolved section but not fixed yet.

it’s probably fixed in next version.

Is it selectable or is it turned on by default?
I cannot find it in Advanced Settings ???

Adds Comodo file in unidentified

[attachment deleted by admin]

off by default,
it should be in Defense+/HIPS/HIPS settings Advanced
i upgraded from version 5005 to 5027 and it show up for me,

I would like an option to:

to see witch software is trying to modify my settings.

And add an option to Block or ask:
[X]Alert in case any other software attempts to modify corrent settings of installed browsers:
Block (with alert)

also to see an option to ask/block alert when a program attempts to modify or add Toolbars/pup to your browser.

as usual Win 7 notfied about update while Vista didn’t and also updating in Vista went smoothly while in Win 7 updating got stuck at 81.8% download (total update 45% ready) and after closing CIS completely and killing cmdinstall processes (had 2) CIS says its uptodate and diagnostics says no errors so CIS must be updated.

Next version is 10? It is very difficult to correct only one parameter?

Good feature, thanks :-TU

Please add the phrases in this section of CIS. The user confused. ^^

Excellent additions, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Great release with the new browser protection setting.
Question: Does this setting protect ALL web browsers? Or just Internet Explorer or Edge?