Comodo Internet Security (Windows 10 Version1511 Hotfix) is released!

Hello Everyone ! :slight_smile:

Here we are happy to announce that the COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall Hotfix for Windows10 1511 Support is released ! Main focus of the release is the Windows10 1511 Support improvements .

Thank you very much to you all for the precious feedbacks!

PS: We’re very close to release our CIS 9 Beta Public version ; please follow up closely, december is coming! :-TU :wink:

Updates are available !

Existing CIS 6.x, CIS 7x and CIS 8.x users will receive an automatic update offer CIS 8.2 Windows 10 1511 Hotfix Release update .

What’s new in


Windows 10 Support:

• Support improvements for Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1511.

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 211M ( 220699928 )
MD5: c201ecd5932036ec3dd8d975250c6f86
SHA1: d6a5cd5da52f9be5883e58070b0bece5a1157d40

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 211M ( 220699928 )
MD5: 8157ccc2f747124280fd036341f04e20
SHA1: b59f8a871de45db7ee5f70c5d2791a7812bee771

Comodo Firewall
Size: 211M ( 220699928 )
MD5: a312907d7ae6403fe87d95f05fffe47d
SHA1: acf665c21a0c29e28b428365710c2c15965786a1

Interesting, I didn’t have any issues with after updating to Windows 10 1511, though I did uninstall CIS before updating windows then installed after the 1511 update.

Thanks for the update. :-TU

I liked it!
That’s fixed now.

The CIS was in conflict with Windows.


we are waiting for the beta :slight_smile: :-TU.

Did you faced any compatibility issue with new Windows 10 10586 and previous CIS 8.2…0.4703? Could you supply us with the bug report in such case, please?

Thank you for the update. I updated via internal updater flawlessly.

Did the update had anything to do with virtual console?

Can somebody clarify what “Support improvements” means?
I used the previous version on build 1511 and I didn’t see any specific issues. After updating to the new version, the only difference I have seen so far is that I am getting some new alerts from the HIPS module regarding executables trying to access windows services, which didn’t exist before; then again I never received this type of alert in windows 7 either so this is most probably a new (and good) addition to the HIPS protection rather than some exclusive fix for Windows 10 Build 1511.

Congrats with the release. I have successfully updated with the updater on my Windows 10 x64 on my desktop and on my Windows 8.1 x86 netbook. Both machines seem to run a bit lighter. Are there others who feel their system runs a bit lighter with this build?

Buket, could you please specify what is being fixed? It is important for users to know if specific bugs are fixed for them or not.

Will Santa be early this year?

Thx for the update. Working flawlessly.

But I am a little bit confused, because I thought that Windows Defender will be deactivated automatically after installing another security suite. After I installed CIS or Defender was deactivated at first. After my 2nd reboot it was active again. Is this the way it should be? Until now I am not experiencing any conflicts.

Windows Defender does not get disabled by CIS.
This is something you will have to do yourself if you do not wish it running

It should get disabled by CIS by default. If it doesn’t happen it is a bug. You can manually disable it yourself. On a side note. I find Defender to be a resource hog.

Actually, with the new Win 10 Build 10586, but it was conflicting with the O.S, well, maybe because I forgot to disable CIS before upgrading to the new build 10586. The same happened with another security application.

Anyway, that’s fixed now.

I installed CIS on 5 different computers in my family. And not only once. Tried new install, too. On neither one of them Defender has been disabled by CIS.
The only thing that is installed are the GPU drivers and Libre Office. Everything else like browser and tools are portable.
As long as there are no conflicts I am ok with it. Is the “normal” behaviour supposed to be that CIS deactivates Defender completely including the Defender services?

Installing CIS should disable defender, not sure about defender services. It does not however disable the Windows firewall nor its services.

Normally the CIS installer will disable Defender and its service as well as Windows Firewall. The latter often gets forgotten though.

As far as I know there is no conflict running Defender alongside CIS. It’s just bloody heavy. In general we do advice not to run two AV’s, Firewalls, sandboxes, HIPS’es, etc at the same time as they may conflict. The gain in being more secure when running two AV’s is marginal. To be more secure it is better to have layered security like CIS has.

I thought Comodo left the firewall alone on Windows 8+? If I don’t remember incorrectly it was something about being certificate compliant or something? Or am I remembering wrong?

Hello EricJH,Guys,

The one and only problem that has ben fixed with this built is the Win10 TH2 build 10586 fixes ; we wanted to be prepared before we encounter any BSOD.

Kind Regards

It does not disable the Windows firewall service but should disable Windows firewall.

Thank you but I am still not fully understanding. Is the fix for a BSOD?