COMODO Internet Security BETA Released!

Hello Everyone !

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security BETA is ready for your review!!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support during the BETA testing! Thanks to your precious feedbacks and the excellent work of our teams worldwide, we have a number of new features and improvements implemented with our new release CIS BETA.

[b]Important Note: Previous CIS Beta instances should be uninstalled before you install CIS BETA.

What’s new in


New File Rating list

  • Possibility to define custom file rating in parallel with Comodo rating.
  • File Details dialog with Comodo file information


  • File Age filter in Auto-Sandbox rules
  • “Ignore any Metro app” rule in Auto-Sandbox
  • Option to switch off “Created By” and “Origin” sources tracking (ADS creation omitted)

Managing Viruscope state from main UI and Widget

Active Processes List task in Tasks pane


  • New upgrade button option on UI

Multi-Language support

  • Vietnamese language support
    Romanian language support

Supported OS

  • Windows10 Tech Preview Support


Antivirus Engine

  • RAR 5 archives support


We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few:

  • Wrong AV alert appears for sandboxed malware on Modern Theme
  • Dividing line is absent in ‘Sources’ Tab in Sandbox rules in 'Modern Theme
  • Incorrect icons in the window of Choose a Region in create new scan profile in Modern Theme

What needs to be tested?

The most important features of this BETA are

  • File Rating List
  • New AV Engine

So the most valuable bugs are the REPRODUCIBLE bugs which are related to system stability issues, compatibility issues, and crashes.

You are more than welcome to test all other features as well.

Bug Reports

Please post all bug reports & BSOD’s in the Beta section of the forum. The required format is given here:

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 192M ( 200641656 )
MD5: 4d1d05bb2b6d1eb5abeec377502655d1
SHA1: 4834ebe6e7a823ec4acef24a189ebeb4c3b10df6

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 192M ( 200641656 )
MD5: 5041652825888463cc844de919c94f28
SHA1: 858c2782c37ade5ee759a2c62351638402689d3f

Comodo Firewall

Size: 192M ( 200641656 )
MD5: 43ea0454b111ef130e9db623630b4f61
SHA1: dfd5646c851d56489bcb8f66c40dd8d0bae42279

Thanks Buket

Thanks Buket! Was eagerly waiting for this.

Thank you in advance Guys, I m waiting excitedly for your fedbacks about new AV Engine performance .

Is there anything different with CFW in the AV department? I mean, regarding CloudAV, is that also based on the new AV Engine and if so does it improve anything?

Added a new engine? What’s new in the new engine (only support RAR 5 archives ? ) ?
Or the engine is old (is the same), but improved ?



The engine is new or improved?

Hi Buket,

First hiccup is while installing. Upon selecting custom install options and clicking ‘Agree and Install’, was greeted with Package corrupt error message. I am on Windows 10 64 bit Tech Preview. Had the same issue while installing 8.1 previously and so I extracted 64 bit binary and managed to install successfully. So far thats the story. I had a quick reboot and am updating the database.

2nd hiccup, while update the database which is the usual 200mb+, I get scan aborted 20+ seconds down the line. I am persistantly trying to update the database so that CIS is up and running.

Finally managed to update Virus Database and get CIS up and running. First quick scan under 2 minutes which is same as my previous experience.

So far so good guys. Well done Comodo Team. :slight_smile: :-TU


is this new av engine or the same like before 263mb?

Thanks,Great work :-TU
Please, if it is possible to put list of all the reforms bugs :-TU

Thanks, i will try it out :smiley:

Not sure if its the same but Virus Database size is 221mb.

Will you be supporting this feature in the future? I do not see it in this version

Why was deleted option purge?:frowning:

You will live longer than me :smiley: I am just saying this but you wrote before than me :-TU
Where is this option… ???

Hahahaha, Do you believe in legends? :smiley:
I think it is an important option and should be returned this option because it hinders the work of the options Lookup and Submit

Yes ;D
This button is what I use many of times while using CIS. It have to be return…

good job guys!