COMODO Internet Security is released!

its not march yet


Note issue updates to CAVL Topic: Database update failed: no internet connection but this is not true! (SOLVED)


I guess its going to be march end for release


Seems to be beginning of April now.

Nothing much to say other than…that would be waiting for oct, nov, dec, jan, feb, mar …6 months…on version 7… after release of version 8… . :embarassed: :(.

Any how

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Please note as always this is only a estimated date.

It may be earlier it may be later.

Please note this is for everyone, not particularly Sanya IV Litvyak I just used your quoted date :slight_smile:


It will be ready when it’s ready. If the wait is just too painful for you, use something else. At this point the complaints have been duly noted. There’s no need to keep rehashing.

Can anyone of COMODO’s hero etc answer why ADS is being introduced? Will the new sandbox features not be fully operational without ADS?


Only comodo staff can say why ADS was introduced. We cant say how future versions will work without having them. You will just have to wait until the release.

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Hoping all sandbox(or any other) feature will work without ADS,

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I’m not from Comodo Staff :wink: but I can guess why the ADS feature was introduced. Actually It’s possible that a malware program can use ADS feature to hide from your Antivirus solution.

That’s the reason, I guess, trying to prevent this, I think.


It is only about file source tracking, and it will be optional with the next releases as Egemen told you before, please note.

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Does this version install on non-english computers?

Changing data to avoid infection?
That would be very strange.

Changing data is strange enough.

You can choose the language

There is a very limited number of malwares using ADS. In the past Kaspersky AV has used ADS. KAV would store the hash of a file in it’s ADS. Scanning would then be comparing hash of the file and the hash stored in ADS. It made KAV scan fast.

So does this means if ADS is switched off(since its optional) then file source tracking will not be possible? That’s awful isn’t it as some features will not work or have to be compromised upon, without ADS.?


which one is correct? is Comodo hero hinting that ADS is for faster file scanning where as comodo staff is suggesting ADS is for file-tracking?


Norton scan times have half’s the original scan times of its previous version, without using ADS. Norton scans ADS also. Should Comodo have taken the Norton route of not having ADS ?.


Melih, BuketB, or any mod or dev can answer this please?

  • will next comodo update have the option to ask us before sandboxing everything? it will be great if we could be asked to isolate or not instead of having cis sanboxing without asking us.