COMODO Internet Security is released!

I need a little help here.

How can I make CIS 8.1 fully virtualize all the unknow files but asking me first. i dont want CIS to automatic sandbox the files. I want to have the old school ballon (popup) that asks me if i want to run virtualized (sandboxed), block or trust… is that possible?

It’s not possible to the best of my knowledge, there is however a wish for it… Been there for a while as well, since CIS 6 or 7 I believe… Guessing it won’t be added, just like whois lookup for firewall won’t be added.

…and a disable timer for HIPS similar to the timers for AV, FW and SB.

Indeed, many things that seemingly will never be implemented even though many users want them, and Comodo just leaving it in limbo rather than saying they won’t implement it…

there is no such a thing as many users wanting and comodo not implemeting…

If many users want it, they will have it. Just follow the process please. BTW: 1 or 2 people wanting it doesn’t qualify as “many”…just saying…:slight_smile:

We do use the process, for example: Comodo Forum and the same wish has been asked for for years by different people.

When I say many people I mean many people here on forum, specifically the wish board, because that is the only thing we can really measure, but it isn’t representative of all Comodo users of course.

You can take a look at other wishes here: in the verified wish list, verified being enough users voting positively for them to be forwarded to Comodo for consideration, then from there users usually never hear back, only when it’s implemented, otherwise it’s indefinitely in limbo.

In my opinion the issue isn’t that you don’t implement all wishes, because lets face it that isn’t entirely realistic, but rather that the communication is so poor, we suggest things and usually never hear back, my wish has been there for almost a year now and of course it hasn’t been implemented but at the same time I’ve gotten no comment from Comodo saying you don’t think it’s valuable enough or anything like that… so it just sits in limbo and I have to assume that you simply won’t implement it because if you had plans to do that, A) why would it take so long and B) why wouldn’t we get to know about it?

For verified wishes I wish Comodo would take time to discuss them internally and then report back their decision, being either “Accepted for implementation”; “Not accepted for implementation” or “Indecisive, in limbo” … obviously with better phrases though, point is that communication could be much better.

Off-topic: I’m just wondering, what is your personal opinion on the linked wish? Also on these wishes: Wish1 & Wish2

Is there a logical reason why HIPS doesn’t have a disable timer? It seems odd that it doesn’t match the other modules.

what you are asking for are “tweaks” for “advanced user” that are not really applicable to majority of users.
I want my security product just to work, without interrupting me.

Are you confirming that you are no longer making a product for advanced users (at all) and have decided to go 100% for the everyday user? Are we going to assume that HIPS will eventually be removed from the product? I guess this is what always happens, look at Opera for example, once the power users browser of choice but look at it now. CIS has been the only product that has interested me because it has had features for “advanced users”, I don’t want my securitu product “just to work, without interrupting me.” because I know it will make mistakes and without my own supervision I don’t even know what it is doing so how am I even supposed to know when it has made these mistakes? This is why I like HIPS, it gives me control, it’s also why I don’t like the sandbox, because it gives me no control and the worst of all, no insight.

And lets be fair, the whois lookup is not for advanced users only, I’d argue it’s the other way around, an IP address tells a normal user nothing at all in contrast to a potential domain name or similar.

Either way, your response makes me feel confident that we might as well stop making wishes.

What i am saying is: The features you requested are not for everyday users. To me, security product should just work behind the scenes without user interruption or interaction.

And to me, a security product should let me stay in charge of what happens on my PC, but as you are CEO you are in charge and as such I think it’s time for me to start looking for another product so that I am not left with nothing whenever the day comes that CIS no longer have HIPS.

Edit: While I do believe that a powerful sandbox with a powerful behavior blocker is a good goal, power users like me would still like the ability to see what these programs in the sandbox are doing, here a HIDS would be perfect, essentially just a window with a real-time log of what HIPS would otherwise have alerted about ← Give me that and I will start using virtualization, but until then I can’t give up that control.

Also again, whois not for advanced users, other way around.

Perhaps Melih’s forum account was compromised? Because I don’t believe that he said what he just said.

I tought that Comodo aim was to make a product friendly for the novice users while still having all the power features that the power users needs. We power users want control over what happens on our PC.

Please Melih, don’t stop caring for us advanced users, it costs nothing to implement some nice features for us, you can leave them disabled by default if that is the problem. But please don’t remove HIPS from CIS and don’t stop caring for advanced users. What makes us use CIS is the fact that it gives us CONTROL over what is happening on our systems.

Edit: I remember that when CIS V6 was launched, that Melih said that “HIPS is the backbone of CIS, it’s here to stay”. So Melih, what’s changed? Is Comodo planning to remove HIPS from CIS? and to stop giving us advanced users nice features that gives us control over our systems?

Lol, of course not…

we will always look after our advanced users, but there are a lot of work ahead of us and we need to prioritize. But we will always look after our users.

Dear Sanya,

I would like to inform you that we do track both the wishlist on forum plus the tickets on bugzilla that are created by stargroup. Why , because we do care about all of our users’ wishes ; no matter novice or advanced user, according to our plans we are trying to implement them in our roadmap; after evaluating them one by one. Several discussions are on-going for these wishes. You will get a wish list with the next release as well as the bug list; for your information.

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Dear Melih!

Antivirus software for beginners much, and unique CIS :-TU

Unknown files cannot be submitted anymore. Trying with a 276 KB file and receive an error: “Failed(0x80072efd) A connection with the server could not be established”.

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Can you please give detailed information about this ?

Please send me a pm including the error message screenshot if possible please.

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No updates from comodo yet. and I am still on ver7… . 4 months after release of 8…