COMODO Internet Security is released!

Hello Everyone !

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall is released.

Existing CIS 6.x and CIS 7.0 and CIS 8.0 users will receive an offer for CIS 8.1 update in this release.

What’s new in ?


Chromodo Browser :
• Replacement of Comodo Dragon with Chromodo browser


• Addition of PDF readers to Sandbox rules via File Group.

Default Settings:

• Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications is enabled on default settings.

Several critical bugs fixes. Here are a selected few:

• CMC server issues.
• Sandbox cannot detect files from restrcited sites
• Some https links via chromium are blocked even they are not in block rule.
• Enabling Enhanced Protection Mode resets Mictosoft Office to Classic theme

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 220M ( 229979832 )
MD5: 10e8cb6bd09f549f0ce5e6bbf890c148
SHA1: 98f91edfb71df293984b41a4015b1574a60b38ba

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 220M ( 229979832 )
MD5: a05185dd911ed904d8a1003aeb61b4da
SHA1: 3df9041d3b5fb2cc5008891c141adfc36b8ef6b7

Comodo Firewall
Size: 220M ( 229979832 )
MD5: 64f91d95b0fce262d79e2b5693de8314
SHA1: 3ecef3d41962831c4f7486ee1e4c7fd26b185b95

Where’s the new engine?

Hi buket, any chance to post the full release notes?

I would like to know if the bugs we talked on this forum where adressed on this pont release or not.

EDIT.: no files found on the server. where are the installers? o.O

Next month or so.

Hi yro,

Yes ofcourse we can share the full list and improvements; however , please keep in mind that this is a minor release and we are working over improvements.

We are checking the installers.

Kind Regards

ok. waiting dor the installers…

i have the feeling that some bugs that affect me will be solved with this release…

Installers are updated, please kindly check again.

Kind Regards

comodo firewall only

error “Comodo Security Agent Could Not Be Started”
the scan it did for errors found nothing

activated old firewall config
restarted again (had no problems after this restart)

had the previous latest build of 8.0 installed

installed on windows 8.1 x64

as this only happened once on start-up there might of been a fight with “eset AV” and comodo firewall.

Thanks guys :-TU

Thanks guys :-TU

Thanks for the update :-TU

ADS issue is fixed in this release?
Can someone confirm this?

Thank you.

Same question!!! This is the issue:

Does this update fix that issue?


Where is this Chromodo browser? I installed the CIS update, but can’t find it on my PC or Comodo’s

Would like to check it out! :slight_smile:

Downloaded files still show ADS on my system with v8.1.0.4426 and the file dates are still not retained. :cry:

Does Comodo will contain these features in the next release?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Any performance improvements in this release? If not then I won’t consider installing.

we havent been told anything about those screenshots

:‘( :’( :‘( :’(

anything about he lags on this release? are they fixed?

at work yet… cant test it…