COMODO Internet Security is released!

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall is released.

Existing CIS 6.x and CIS 7.0 users will receive an offer for CIS 8.0 update in this release.

What’s new in


New file group “File Archivers”

  • Accessible in ASE → File Rating → File Group

Updated Auto-Sandbox rule to sandbox

  • “Run Virtual” files extracted from archives downloaded from Internet

Several critical bugs fixes. Here are a selected few

  • New Dragon 36.1.1 crashes if CIS installed
  • Accidental crash of cmdAgent service
  • Modification to trusted files were not detected on time
  • VT_ROOT is not deleted during Sandbox Reset after launch some malware

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 216M ( 226075384 )
MD5: 9bb42331a34825bcd9a15f853f91204b
SHA1: b857464c1616ce4c3482d55e7427aa453e9dfd50

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 216M ( 226075376 )
MD5: d7f6f1a17283c8b5bd0d9870d7a85a70
SHA1: 5e1ec2d3864e246f6db174eb4945f5c6b56a28da

Comodo Firewall
Size: 216M ( 226075376 )
MD5: 6a1054c2f7b89fa2af4aa4f8f337b32c
SHA1: 43fd72f87a1cbdd3ace89918772e8d8d702f1239

Thank you, updating now, hope it fixes the issue where unknown files are added to trusted files for no reason…

Yes, as you can see this in the Fixed list.

No it’s not fixed, just tested it, see bug 1379 Any unknown file executed, regardless of whether or not it replaced a previously trusted file, gets added to the trusted files list.

Edit: Not all systems replicate the issue, however several have replicated it.

Edit 2: To clarify, I’m not speaking about the bug where if unknown files replace trusted files they get trusted, that’s a completely different bug than the one I’m talking about in bug 1379.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Thanks :-TU

Although I’d argue it’s more severe, would be most appreciated if that bug could be fixed before updates via internal updater gets pushed to previous versions, although that’s my personal opinion.

just got a cis update. the update included a .exe file. any way to find out what this update fixed or improved? hope the shockwave crash is fixed


“Trusted executable file can be replaced with Unknown executable file”

This problem is fixed exactly?

Thanks :-TU

Thanks :-TU

Thanks guys


FYI: Your reported issue was not a bug. Those files were moved to trusted file automatically because they were marked as trusted in the cloud. This includes clt.exe.


In that case, I’m guessing that there is a slight discordance between cloud state and applied/automatic action.
As for example, an application that’s digitally signed by a trusted vendor could get rated as “Unknown” (if we utilize ‘Lookup’ functionality) and be added to ‘Trusted Files’.

Congratulations! :-TU


Just curious.
What about this bug and this bug? Sure they are not as critical as “New Dragon 31.1.1 crashes if CIS installed” to be included in Release Notes, but whatever?

Okay, so the people having the issue with clt.exe counted out that leaves only me left with the issue it seems, anyway, you mean to tell me that even a completely new file that isn’t even found in the cloud when looking it up through Malware Search Engine from Comodo | Virus Removal Guidelines is somehow added as trusted in the cloud? That’s some powerful omnipotent whitelisting you’ve got there.

Yes. There may be timing difference.