Comodo Internet Security 7 Outbound Connections

Why does CIS 7 need to dial home? It didn’t do it with CIS 6, it’s only after updating to CIS 7 yesterday. When (re)starting my PC, CIS 7 tries to make the following outbound connections:

cmdagent.exe - Tries to connect to (
cmdinstall.exe - Tries to connect to (

Because the connections are both over HTTPS Port 443, I don’t know what they’re requesting from Comodo. I have everything turned off except the firewall, including the following settings:

  • Show messages from Comodo Message Center
  • Check for program updates
  • Send Anonymous program usage statistics to Comodo

So, what is it making outbound connections for?

CIS Version: 7.0.317799.4142

I have the same curiosity! Why is this connection different from the connections attempted by the updater?

The most interesting part is that the firewall listed the outgoing connection attempt and blocked that even though firewall application rule includes “Comodo Internet security - Outgoing only”. Moreover, CIS updater is working fine. Then why cmdinstall.exe was trying to go out and then getting blocked by the firewall?

Just curious!