Comodo Internet Security 7; Last Update 2 days ago.

Hi Comodo Forums!

First time for reporting here, though have been a Comodo CIS home user for around a couple of years now and trying to talk to my work place about using CIS on their office PC’s and notebook’s, too - but, still working on that one.

My problem is, and has been over this weekend just gone, I have a computer with CIS PRemium v 7.0.317799.4142, Database version 18849, showing ‘Last Update 2 days ago’ and now Windows is flagging up as AV out of date.
The computer in question is: Windows Vista Business 32 bit, CIS version as above.

I have come across this issue before, though not on this computer, and I got around it (after a little bit of Google 'ing), you can download the ‘base.cav’ file and import manually, which resolved this for me before - but, not this time. :frowning:

If I click the Update button (at the foot of the main window, on the group of 5 buttons), it goes through all the motions okay and checks and ticks very options all okay and basically says ‘No updates’ - which, I find a litte unusal. And the fact I have downloaded the ‘base.cav’ file to try and manually update, does have me a little baffled now!

My only final thought to do, but I thought I would post a message here first in case I overlooking something, is to;

  1. Uninstall CIS Premium (after a backup/export of settings first).
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Run CCleaner.
  4. Download and install latest version of CIS Premium.

Help! Any idea’s before I look at uninstalling? :frowning:

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome itpete,
Database updates are delayed for some unknown reason.
As a workaround to stop Windows flagging/nagging it as out of date, rename the ‘bxxxxxxx.cav’ file to ‘bxxxxxxxxold.cav’ and then either import or download the entire Database again.
As a final step, reboot the system to allow deletion of the old file.

Kind regards.

Hi there captainsticks!

Thanks for the reply - sorry, just catching with emails and messages now.

Would this be ‘bxxxxxxx.cav’ located in 'C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners'? Just checking to make sure I am renaming the right files(s)!

I am away from that computer at the moment, but, I can do this a little later on thie evening (UK time).

Many thanks for your advice so far and lets see if this helps!

:slight_smile: :-TU

Hi itpete,
Yes the location you mentioned is correct. :-TU
Apologies for forgetting to post the file location. :-[

Kind regards.

Hi captain!

No probs about not mentioning file location - thats why I thought I would ask. Better to ask, when you don’t, than ‘■■■■■ it up more!’ lol ;D

Will do that later.

Thanks again and I will post an update later on this evening - well, it maybe quite late actually!

Kind regards,

As captainsticks mentioned, this is due to Comodo not updating yet, and not a bug in the traditional sense. I will therefore move this bug report to Resolved.

However, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.


i was having the same exact problem. for 2 days no updates but says its up to date. just now i tried to manual update it. it finally updated. what a relief. so anyone having that problem , it may be resolved now… thank you :smiley: :wink:

Hi there theufokid,

Thanks for that update - sorry if I have posted in the wrong place; was not intentional, just didn’t know where best to post.

But, I was a little worried as I haven’t (or, just have not seen), no updates go for that length of time.

I will wait until later this evening, try a manual update, before carrying out captainsticks post list.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,
:slight_smile: 8)

Hi and welcome THEUFOKID,
Agreed the updates appear to have resumed, it has updated to Database version 18852. :-TU


No problems. This was not the wrong place to post it. It just turned out that this time the problem did not reside with CIS on your system, but with the Comodo infrastructure in the cloud.

Thanks for reporting, and if you encounter anything like this again don’t hesitate to report it here. It’s much better to assume it’s a bug, and report a strange action, than to ignore it and deprive the devs of information they may need to fix a legitimate bug.

Thanks again.

Hi Chiron,

Thanks for that - I’m pleased it was not posted in the wrong place! ;D

I am always happy to provide feedback, but, some software companies don’t always make as easy, or get replies from them, either!

I updated the computer late last night and I am happy to report, all back up and running with the CIS database, etc.

Thanks to all!! 8) :-TU