Comodo Internet Security 7 Disappears from Startup - FIX FOUND on FORUM

I’ve had CIS 7 installed for months, during all that time it worked - flawlessly. It would always startup after a system reboot - i.e. the widget would always appear and the icon would be present in the tray.

However, recently - within the past few weeks - this strange bug keeps happening:

When I install a program then restart the system, CIS 7 does not restart, the widget does not appear, the tray icon is absent, and CIS’ startup entries disappear.

Others have been reporting this same issue,

What gives? :o

Two solutions found on forum here - by


Thanks guys…

Does anyone know specifically the root cause of this problem?

More specifically, is it due to quirks with

 1.  Windows 8;
 2.  Comodo Internet Security 7; or
 3.  an undeterminable combination of the two?


I created a bug report on this problem:

Can you try installing the latest beta and see if it happens for you?