COMODO Internet Security 7.0.317799.4142 Released!

Hi what obsession to the upgrades updates etc, i have a litle problema the system crashes affter the installation i will to reinstall again but can you post here the stand alone 64 bits installers i see that ones install on x 86 programs and files

You can try this one. ;D

When a new product appears, it’s always a wise idea to wait for some time (*) before accepting/using/buying it.
That applies for any product.

(*) My personal times:

  • Security software: at least some weeks
  • Operating Systems and cars: at least two years
  • a wife: tens of years (no wife is still better though) ;D

Always good to see updates, I’m just waiting for one that will make the main GUI resizable.

OH come on, where is your spirit of adventure? ;D

LOL! I gave up on this by now… You and me been waiting for this since version 6 88)

bypass viruscope on Win8.1 64bit

antivirus = auto-sandbox = HIPS = cloud lookup = off
firewall = safe mode
viruscope = on

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my os 8 32 bit, which link i should use to download cis premium. Because i donot like the 220 mb installer size. So if i use the link that you have mentioned here which features i will get from cis 7 premium? Thank you.

Thanks for the update :-TU

thaks excelent work!


Antivirus, Firewall and PrivDog. :wink:


I got a popup from the firewall to say there was a new version, noticed that during the install privdog was checked to install by default even though I didn’t install it before, had to click the small customise install link to stop it being installed, rather a sneaky move on comodo’s part I think to try & stealth install it so they can make money off the ad revenue 88)


Tested latest version of CIS v7.0.317799.4142 - Windows 8.1 32.bit.

Good: Fast installation, updated without problems, great performance (low memory usage). :-TU
Bad: Unfortunately shut down issue is not fixed…

I’ll continue conversation with Comodo Staff.


I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to report this in the Bugzilla tracker R, using your template.

Best wishes


staying with 5.12 8)

Me too on one my PC. ;D

Yeah so what’s the major hangup, it can’t be that big a piece code to add.

if i download cis 7 installer from soft pedia site then will i get virtual desktop and sandbox features?


Answer: Yes. :wink:

Download CIS from the following links (thanks “a256886572008”):




Updated through GUI on Win 7 64 bit and Vista 32. All is well so far.