comodo internet security 6 beta failed in ANTITEST and AKLT

  1. install mode with the default settings and only changing the internet security for proactive security;
  2. alternated between partially limited to untrusted and both were allowed keylogger and screenlogger;
  3. then deactivated the autosandbox keeping the other default settings and were allowed keylogger and screenlogger;

4. sandbox disabled defense + (paranoid) were allowed Also screenlogger.

OBS: all warnings I block

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WINDOWS 7 (32 bits)

Can you please provide a link to the test?

It’s from spyshelter

You need to turn AV & cloud off

Then, here too it fails. Keylog and screenshot

But, thinking about this, I think this is because of the new smart keylogging protection.

[Edit: If an application is keylogging (or screengabbing I think) and you are using that application for typing (or screengrabbing), it’s allowed. ]

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CIS V6 was deceived by the malware.
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Have replied in that trace.

Mouse AKLT)