COMODO Internet Security 6.3.301250.2972 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security/Firewall/Antivirus 6.3.301250.2972!

What’s new in this 6.3 build?

  • FIXED: 0xc0000018 BSOD error randomly occurring during clean boot on Windows 8.1 x64

Download Locations:

COMODO Internet Security

Size: 198M ( 207414960 )
MD5: 6479a1cddbbb3fb4e1bf65fb8f8e3f88
SHA1: b25aa4b0eac8516ed74d135dc598c4498ccb4faf

COMODO Firewall

Size: 198M ( 207414952 )
MD5: 5536bd49d711c20c9545cf24827fb9cc
SHA1: ac397a6c08a23cf5693380f6a5586a7f14470025

COMODO Antivirus

Size: 198M ( 207414952 )
MD5: e82df9cf1e4e26007b496fda04fee94e
SHA1: b1de0d1f5c0239a4a9ea1601c52e44b31bd37d0b

Updates & Upgrades

6.x users can quickly update to the latest version by simply running their automatic updates.
5.x users can download the upgrade package and run it to upgrade to 6.3: upgrade Comodo Internet Security from 5.x to 6

Mine is updating…thanks for this release.

thanks for quick fix :-TU

Please fix this:

thank you! i had this error booting in windows 8.1

Win 7 64

Updated fine & kept all the settings intact including scheduled scan, great.

I checked for updates & during install got Privdog installation window, unticked all the options then agree & install window became greyed out, clicked on cancel & CIS installation was fine with no Privdog or Yahoo search installed.

I have posted bug here:;msg720082#msg720082

bad place, but I can’t edit my post…

Just choose Annuler (Cancel) and the install will continue without the garbage.

If you have any bugs to report please make a new thread. For your case, just click on “Annuler” and the install will continue as usual…I know it might be confusing.

Does the installer remains the same as the previous release or been change to the initial one?

Hi Ishaan,
The installer is the current version V6.3.301250.2972.

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Download Locations:

Why in link for loading - the file size identical. :o ???
FW - 198 Mb
CAV - 198 Mb
CIS - 198 Mb
As to understand it ???

Hi jenny66,
All 3 installers contain all the modules of CIS, just the installation scripts vary to correspond with your choice.

Thanks captainsticks.
I assumed it.
But why? ???
Earlier everything was as has to be.
All sizes of files corresponded to names.
What did the policy of Comodo exchange?
Why to swing, what isn’t necessary?
I don’t understand it.

As far as I remember it has always been this way.
It would simplify the ‘Add and Remove components’ wizard by having all modules available locally.

Note: Different sizes in earlier versions were available separating 32/64-bit.

Perhaps this was the difference.
I agree.
Now I can not check.
It is better to divide, as before. My opinion.

Everytime I install an update, CIS shoves Secure DNS down my network adapters’ throat and I have to manually set it back to automatic. Is there any way to prevent this?

Hi Searinox,
Remove the tick from the appropriate check-box during installation.
See step 2 of the installation guide below.
CIS Premium – Installation

Note: If you left this enabled with your initial install every update thereafter will reset Comodo Secure DNS (AFAIK), until such time that you do a fresh install.


Hi jenny66,
An example of separate installers for 32/64-bit can be seen in the link below.
CIS V5.4

I guess my question wasn’t clear… I meant, whether do we get to select what we want as before or need to cancel click for other stuffs?

The point of argument in the previous thread…