COMODO Internet Security 6.3.294583.2937 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We have just release COMODO Internet Security/Firewall/Antivirus 6.3.294583.2937!

What’s new in this 6.3 build?

  • NEW: PrivDog - A browser plugin that enhances the browsing privacy, performance and security
  • IMPROVED: Full Windows 8.1 Support
  • FIXED: Chrome and Dragon v28 and later do not work in kiosk/sandbox
  • FIXED: Malware bypasses HIPS and Sandbox while creating autorun entries
  • FIXED: Crashes occur while quick scanning on some computers
  • FIXED: Explorer hangs after CIS installation
  • FIXED: Copy/Paste now works while entering licenses in the license management window

Download Locations:

COMODO Internet Security

Size: 205M ( 214262072 )
MD5: 65532a560e08d5dde795108bb8963bcb
SHA1: 355d35b426cdf6a20f4562005f2850f487e8b922

COMODO Firewall

Size: 205M ( 214262072 )
MD5: 44d95d22a9713a7c4b04849c2612ddc7
SHA1: 43c2783d3508b580dfca0ebeb6f6b7b6f3d0d73f

COMODO Antivirus

Size: 205M ( 214262072 )
MD5: 2a2b6ba32e3aae41c01405c184e84045
SHA1: 41048a650e05e153b07237788d2484e7a031e0e3

Updates & Upgrades

6.x users can quickly update to the latest version by simply running their automatic updates.
5.x users can download the upgrade package and run it to upgrade to 6.3: upgrade Comodo Internet Security from 5.x to 6

Excellent work guys!

(:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :-TU

Woots! New version to play with. Thank you Comodo. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the release. :-TU

Works great :slight_smile: thanks

Do we get the option to opt out of PrivDog? I don’t want the add-on.

aweasome… thank you comodo :-TU

Yes it’s totally optional. And yes I chose no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they do a beta for this? I am having some odd issues. Also, I don’t think it is compatible with bitdefender free av.

Is the 6.3 actually out, I check for updates but there is none, have tried downloading the installer from this page a number of times, but it is for 6.2 NOT 6.3, so I’m bit confused right now :-\

provide us the full change log with some screens… ok?

downloading now, but ill not install it until you fix the lag issues with the gui.

If you chose yes, then your internet will be faster and safer.

True, and i also like it better then disconnect and ghostery :slight_smile: Great work comodo, as usual ;D

The Installer/Updater policy is NOT fixed yet. Its been 3 months since i reported it. I’ll never report bugs again…

I’m sorry. Comodo currently still has a very large backlog of bugs to process. Can you please respond to your bug report and answer my question and we will continue from there.

I would like to see this fixed as well.

And if I update with the updater I am not asked, so nothing optional !

Where can I disable this ?

Hi prallo, PrivDog shouldn’t come through CIS binary updater. Most probably it has been installed via another COMODO product such as COMODO Dragon. You can turn it off in your web browser plugin manager.

Just go to Dragon extensions and remove PrivDog there.