COMODO Internet Security 6.2.285401.2860 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We have just release COMODO Internet Security/Firewall/Antivirus 6.2.285401.2860!

What’s new in this 6.2 build?

FIXED! “Do not show this message again” does not work while updater is running
IMPROVED! HIPS menu item in system tray icon menu (advanced view mode only)

Download Locations:

COMODO Internet Security
Size: 144M ( 150622552 )
MD5: b810c0ce1ba6fd51bb2014b8861b59fa
SHA1: 59b74edbd6f61aca0d8b735e9433748fab90099f

COMODO Firewall
Size: 144M ( 150622552 )
MD5: 12f97c92b0182562a631436b175dfc96
SHA1: 64a12cb6007dd6faa6e6de157430a28464fdb43b

COMODO Antivirus
Size: 144M ( 150622552 )
MD5: ddfd3b8c5be5cf66e42dc87bff5b8d09
SHA1: 826a6595097bf4d48e13c85616030b4e9587b664

Updates & Upgrades

6.x users can quickly update to the latest version by simply running their automatic updates.
5.x users can download the upgrade package and run it to upgrade to 6.2: upgrade Comodo Internet Security from 5.x to 6

Why don’t you share the full changelog ?

+1 :-TU


Thanks, guys! :-TU
Any other bugfixes or this is it?

Great! Thank you! ;D :-TU


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HIPS is back in the right click menu. I install/uninstall a lot and that really makes things easier.

hi. i updated. but where is the EXE Installer that i can use it for future?

Creating Rescue Disk still does not work if I download the comodo_rescue_disk_2.0.261647.1.iso file from comodo website after I choose the optional step then start writing - " Rescue disk writing error".

If I let the comodo download rescue disk then works but it is 1.1.232326.14 version.

Old GUI must be loosing its adherents. :slight_smile:


It’s just not possible to use such complex program with as dumbed down interface as they initially made it for CIS v6…

Also, thanks for adding the setting that i wanted for Behavior Blocker “Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs”, though like i said before, i’m questioning its usefulness in terms of being a separate checkbox.

Isn’t it like expected for CIS to detect installers in the first place regardless of what user sets here? It’s not like it will show a privilege elevation popup for a program that is known and whitelisted, so why was there a need for a separate checkbox for unknown programs, if you could just attach the same function to the checkbox above it?

Unless someone can explain to me a logical scenario that can involve the usage of these two checkboxes in some other way (which i just can’t think of).

Disappointing :frowning: The issue with installer/updater policy has not been fixed yet after so many months…

Hm, what do you mean? If you uncheck the new option “Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs”, all unknown programs will get sandboxed directly even if they otherwise require elevated privileges. This is what i wanted for ages and they finally did it. In a different way than i imagined it but it works. Or do you have something else in mind?

Disappointing that nothing has been done about the GUI. The average person takes 1 look at it and looks for something else.

I hope you are speaking for yourself, buddy!
Not all people share your opinion…

Ok… Finally I’ll be installing v6 today and moving on from v5… Hoping it to be the right decision…
The GUI has the detailed info n since the release before didn’t hear much good I had to wait for thi…

Always good to see updates, means the author is involved with the product.

However, the ability to expand/re-size the main GUI is still not available. This should have been available from the start.

Its difficult to view on my 26in Samsung @1920x1200 , Even on my laptop screen @1920x1080 its not good @ the default preset size.

One thing to note, scheduled scans are reenabled again after update.

(:CLP) Thanks

update without problems ,quick instalation. any changse to my personal setting . Work great