COMODO Internet Security 6.0 BETA **April Fools!!!** [Joke Over]

Blimey!Comodo seem to be moving fast on this one, as fast as a rocket out of a jam jar as we say in England.My personal wsh here is, when Melih said dacs was not dead then we will see it it version 6 beta…heres hoping…jumps with joy!.


…but then again, tomorrow is saturday…
Is it often that beta/new products are introduced over weekend? ???

I live in England I have never heard the phrase " as fast as a Rocket out of jam"before LOL good phrase though.
Going back to the subject on hand ,if this Comodo 6.0 beta announcement is some sort of April fools joke then that is sad and dissapointing IMHO


Ive seen people do it that way lots of times on the net, so by the end of the day, or next day can write “april fools”

I guess we have no options left but to wait… :wink:

technically it should be done the 1st april to be a genuine joke; if it is a joke , by doing this a 2nd is nonsense and lost all the flavour.

you dont say happy birthday the day before of after.

true, but online where lots of people read it, and might be on lots of different timezones, it’s really hard to do it any other way.

If it is a joke then Josh should be temporarily banned from this forum… >:-D

I thought it a joke the second I say the topic to include a hard set date. :stuck_out_tongue: Normally, it’s just a time frame, like a week, or sometime next week, and then the time frame changes. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 totally agree

April fools …

definitely should

I think if it wasn’t a joke, Josh or a staff member or even Melih would have come to tell as so.

it should be posted by egemen in " beta corner " … zz

If the ban Melih until April 2, it will be much more fun 88)… A surprise for the morning coffee. :smiley:

It will be ready after sep, right?

Since most mods aren’t saying anything (and they are usually the first cheerleaders in on anything new :P), I suspect this is fake. 88)

Probably the reason that Josh said it will be released on the 2nd is so no one has to bother with making installers.

Though that would be funny…a fake release with fake installers (and large files, to take a long time to download). :stuck_out_tongue:

This is too good to be true.

I THINK - Therefore, we have nothing in common

I drink, therefore I am, I think.

Wow Josh Thanks for info… looking forward to test it.