COMODO Internet Security 6.0 BETA **April Fools!!!** [Joke Over]

Hey Guys

CIS 6.0 is coming with dramatic improvements just around the corner (April 2nd). You can expect next generation sandbox, much improved usability and much much more.

Look forward to it!.. lol not even :wink:


Goody! A new toy to play with this weekend! :-TU

;D woohoo!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Santa is coming early really early this year… (:CLP)

Is it April 1st where you are Josh >:-D

Yes, unfortunately his profile says he is from Australia, so this may be a Fools Day joke…

I hd such high hopes until I remembered :-[

Most cruel april fools joke evarrrrrrrrr :frowning:

woo thats awesome to hear. they must have been working really hard. we havent seen any big updates since 5.3 which was about 3 or so months ago. excited to test it

No guys, this is an April fools joke.

Remember Comodo is working on CIS 5.4 not CIS 6.0.

but its not april fools

is this legit? i hope so

I trust Josh would not fool around with a topic like this… and we have seen Comodo jump from version 4.1 (i think) to version 5 before… I would say this is likely to be real… how ever dont quote me… qoute Josh ;D

that was fast
i only hope the changes in the sandbox include something like a real sandbox:;msg463306#msg463306
and a more aggressive cloud scanning when the comodo antivirus is not installed

i was thinking the same thing about both things.
cant wait to see the beta

Take into account, I haven’t had any news about this… but then again… Josh may…

which is weird since ur both mods.
Josh can u tell us where you heard this info?

Can u or other mods tell us whether it’s true or just a gift ???

Hm… April Fools’ Day? Joke ??? if it is real, Welcome to Comodo 6.0 Beta. ;D

I think it would be a joke if he said “today” or “April 1st”.
It doesn’t make a sense to fool the people tomorrow “April 2nd”… ???

exactly and he posted this on march 31 so i think this is legit