COMODO internet security 5 saved my machine life(A peom about a real story)

Here is my story of how I got to know COMODO, sence v3 til this vertion COMODO saved my machine alot so I give you this peom to say thanks enjoy it:

COMODO The real security
COMODO speed accurity
When your infected with a malware, Malware
The terminator spyware, Spyware
You need no more adware
You need a good software
This is just a virus be aware
It’s either trust COMODO or change your hardware
I had AVG for 8-9 months
I got the virus that PC hunts
I tried millions of combonation
To keep the safety of laptop nation
But they fail
They ended up to jail (My computer softwares got stopped by the nasty infection)
What goes might comes
What goes might fail
I open up a forum in a second
45 Times that virus reckoned
But I heard of COMODO
It looked pretty cool
I sayed this program no virus can fool
So I got it and did a scan
I said 10 viruses oh man
over AVG’s detection
The resident protection
COMODO makes world perfection
The perfect semely for the bees in hive
It protect you against internet nature
It’s really a great feature
It’s worth the price (COMODO complete vertion)
That detection will rise (With DACS)
COMODO internet security 5 for life!

Guide to a 5 step simple program:
1: Make a video
2: Attach cool rap rhythm
3: Upload to YouTube
4: ? ? ? ?
5: Profit!

Will you commit to this program?

:-TU :wink:

Thnx for the tip I’ll use it in the future

Just kiddin, bro! :-TU :wink:
My compliments for the poem, but would be cool to make it into vid and have someone sing!
I’d facebook that, I like it!
Welcome to the family

lol! Will you commit to this program? xD I love the bourne movies ;D
Very nice peom ahmedhhw :-TU

I’m sure you would like the books too! :wink:

I have the first 3 books wrote by Robert Ludlum and they are indeed very good :-TU
The story is totally different from the movies, but they were fun to read :slight_smile:

I have all three of them plus 4 from Eric Van Lustbader: The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Betrayal, The Bourne Sanction, The Bourne Deception… I’m reading Ultimatum and listening to the bourne trilogy soundtracks on VLC Player O0

Hmm maby i should buy the Bourne books Eric Van Lustbader wrote. I heard they we’re actually pretty good.
Can’t read enough about “the malfunctioning 30 million dollar weapon!” ;D

Well, you could always “BETA” test them before buy :wink:

True, especially if that weapon is US Government property with constant headaches and amnesia…
You might want to take a look at this too!
5 Reasons Anyone Could Defeat the CIA in the Bourne Trilogy | :-TU

That article got some valid points, like this one: We repeat, Bourne flies into the US and isn’t stopped by anyone, and his old passport works and hasn’t been flagged or anything even though he’s considered world’s most wanted criminal terrorist security threat-slash-superweapon.

But i still think the Bourne movies are pretty realistic compared to other movies in it’s genre :-TU

I’d like to see him bypass TSA enhanced pat screening process… ;D

Good reading … Thanks … :-TU


You really got me bro but I’ll sure try that idea sometime soon :-TU

Which reading is if it’s the peom I’m the one that suppose to say thanks bro ;D