Comodo Internet Security 5.8 Final Prevention Test

Comodo Internet Security 5.8: MalwareGuru (MrXidus) tests Comodo Internet Security 5.8 against numerous malicious URL’s containing trojans, worms, malware to see how good it can prevent the system from becoming infected.

Source: Malwareguru

Note the update in the video description.
In this test, Comodo scored a perfect 20/20.
This is just more support for the fact that Comodo offers strong protection.



And this was with old version too :slight_smile:

But it shows also what can happens with the wrong clicks :wink:

Yes. I think that making CIS (and its alerts) more intuitive will help minimize the chance that a user while misinterpret the functionality of the buttons or will accidentally allow a malicious action. For examples, See my comments in this post:;msg535769#msg535769

Comodo made many usability improvements, but they still have many improvements that still need to be addressed.