Comodo Internet Security 5.8 FAKE review

Hey guys. Here’s an interesting test I came across. Comodo really failed big time here. Please fix this. Thanks.

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What kind of review is this ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :o :o

Loving the music. :-TU

I wonder what Languy99 thinks of this…

I know. This issue really needs to be addressed.


I went to that site he was using 'cause I believe only my own tests. I also have a testing system with a backup ready to restore. The latest beta caught the first one out of 8. I just gave up after that.

So what happens now?

Well even tho the video back-round was way more than expected. The devs should take it seriously now that more than 2 users are reporting the problem.

Hmm, isn’t that interesting how he moves around the “about” box so you can’t read the version number? Pause it and see he is lying; it isn’t the latest beta. He is using a version that came out in late July. Perhaps he’s lying about other things too? I’ve seen other videos testing Comodo with random malware links and I’ve never seen a failure like that. It’s at least very suspicious.

The voice used, sounds synthesized. The user didn’t let CIS gather the current virus database. In the “About” screen, the database is version 1. He complains about D+ not catching anything, how do we know that he even has D+ enabled? It’s a bogus evaluation in my opinion.

I just tested everything on the same page with the latest version and in VMware, and not a single bypass. That review is total ■■■■, using an old version, did something to the app so it could not update/use cloud av/behavior blocker and I bet it was used on Vbox, and CIS does not work on VBOX it does not protect right.

I do not believe that review as far as I can throw it.

Does not explain why 7 out of 8 got past me with the latest.

I don’t know you tell me what you did, I have no video to see what you did.

Well something odd is going on in that video. Despite the impression that it was a seamless test, 1 minute didn’t seem to be anywhere near 60 seconds long. Also I noticed that MSIE seemed to already know the first two URL’s as they were pasted into the address bar… on a clean VM/install, it shouldn’t respond like that. Should it?

I tried the first two links he used and Comodo stopped both without any issues. The second one was stopped by defense+. It had an alert that it was possible malware behavior. I’m using 5.5 and it still stopped both. It’s must be sad for this person who hates Comodo so much, but has to lie to have it fail because it’s a good product.

1 minute in the video = 15 minutes in real life. Notice how after it fails to update, he goes to the network icon in the task manager and then time jumps as he fixes whatever he did so the net would not work.

Sorry for jumping the gun guys. I downloaded the matousec testing suite and Comodo blew through what I had time to check at 100%!

Matousec gave Comodo the #1 spot again this year.

Given this statement, I assume that you’ve verified this test yourself. Can you give us details of your testing?

PS Welcome to the forums btw.

What that test done by MRG? lol

Was that to me? MRG?

Hey there Dieselman.
What a piece of ■■■■ your video is. And also, your voice? Couldnt you find anything else (voices) like moanmyip to make your video a little bit interesting?

I wonder what happened in Connecticut, between 4:20am and 4:24am, because this four minutes are nearly 3 seconds in your video (0:41-0:43). And from 4:24am to 4:32am, 8 minutes only in 2 seconds (0:48-0:50).

That gives lots of time to mess around with any software, dont you think?
Plus every following minute its only a few seconds.

You are using virus signature database version 1. Oh you cant read?

And you call this a real test?
You couldnt find anything else to do, right.

Thanks for making as laugh. Its always good to watch funny videos. :smiley:

What a coincidence. 25 minutes later, a newbie with only 1 post (windowsdefende) comments on your post.
And his first post its “Man that was a (major) failure!”
Some similarities with your own expressions in your video, dont you think?:
2:02 Quote: “Fail for Comodo”
2:57 Quote: “What a complete fail”

“windowsdefende” first time in history post its only about your post and use similar expressions about “failing”.
I wonder why “windowsdefende” didnt comment on any other posts, so far?

And only 6 minutes later, you reply to “windowsdefende”.

This is a conspiracy! hahahaha

0:19, 0:56, 1:33 and 3:51. Quote: “Thanks!”

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