Comodo Internet Security 5.8 BETA Link Download Test Preview

Hello everybody!

My name is Paul Maviega testo’m from Brazil and security suites.
I wonder how I can download Comodo Internet Security 5.8 BETA to a preview of the product.
I would be a test user (Beta-Tester).
Can anyone help me please? Link or submit Comodo ?

Thank you. :wink:

Hi Paul,

At the moment it’s only a closed beta, once it will become public beta it’s information and link(s) will be posted on this beta board.

Thank´s Ronny…

Is there a projected date?
Because I look so similar to suites Languy99

Link: Julian - YouTube

I study Malware Removal forum in Brazil Clube do Hardware (CdH) - ASAP

I am also a friend of the site Victorh2007 (Victor Hugo)

I would like to know how to be a future beta tester even in a closed group.

Thank you.

Paul Maviega :smiley:

closed betas mean only moderators have access.

OK, Solved.

Link Topic:

Link Download:

PS: Installation Online… Download files to installed!!!
Thank you!!!