COMODO Internet Security 5.8.199581.2037 BETA Released!

Why those elevation alerts are not allowed automatically when Dont give Alerts - Allow is selected.

I mean does this elevation alert alone provide any security (if sandbox selected on the popup) when all the D+ popups are set to allow automatically?

using windows 7 64 bit professional and no issues as yet. Well done

What about monitoring Service Control Manager access? Does it happen in kernel mode now on x64?
Can be said that the x64 HIPS is now, more or less, as secure as its x32 counterpart?
Do you think Microsoft will have no problem with the method you are using?
I’m not an expert, but I guess it’s the same/similar to the experimental protection of Sandboxie since D+ still can’t block SSTS kill5 (EndTask), just like Sandboxie. :wink:

But great how the x64 HIPS has improved, now I’m using Comodo again. :slight_smile:

Naren, those elevated alerts are shown due to the app being an installer which requires elevated access to do its thing. You are still fully protected, yes.

Evil_Religion, x64 HIPS is now considered as strong as or close to x32, as far as I know.

Thanks for the release… downloading

It is not about having kernel protection. Service control manager defense can not be bypassed even in CIS 5.5. We have some patent pending methods. Please wait for the next BETA for those missing parts. They are also implemented.

Congrats Comodo Team,

Just installed the latest beta.

Completed a full scan. It went smoothly without any problems.

My initial Observations:

The GUI is more bright and hard to look at. (You may feel otherwise), I am more comfortable with the previous theme.

Scan window border is too thick (3 or 4 mm), so does not look good.

A Progress bar with % indication would bring more meaning to % given in the scan window.

During full scan, if I click on Update Database, the update window pops up and stays there without any progress or message all throughout the scan, until scan completes.

Changes I would like to see in coming betas…

Automatically block/quarantine detected threats for Manual scans and Scheduled scans.

Offline Update support.

“recommended action” option along with “Allow” and “Deny” in Firewall and Defence + settings (The newly introduced configuration setting).

I agree with Silvasuresh that the tone of the color of the UI is too light and hard. Try a softer tone throughout the UI. It will be more pleasant to the eyes.

Many parts of it? I want all parts of it to be as strong as 32 bit.
Does this mean that there are still security holes in CIS for win 7 64 bit (compared to 32 bit)?

it looks like we are getting the rest of it or more parts of it in the next beta

Thank you!!!
Testing!!! ;D

64 bit OS Testers,

Be aware there is a problem with the online installer. It wants to install your CIS into the x86 Programs folder.

It does however download the actual x64 installer.
CIS_Setup.msi to the C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader folder.
So you can install from there and have the right version installed to the right path.


Is there supposed to be more than one theme available with this beta?, Because I find the default - the only one installed - really quite ‘fuzzy’. Although the colours are reasonably inoffensive, the fonts and images on the main program tabs, are not crisp.


I’m on Win 7 64 Bits ultimate.

Here are the themes available with the Mods beta. Place them in the Themes folder.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t install the AV module but just activate the cloud scanning feature in D+.
I notices that the cloud scanning feature in 5.8 don’t provide options for cleaning or ignoring a detected file as in ver. 5.5. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:



;D :smiley:

Thanks John :-TU

Just a thought, if you’re going to offer CIS Pro free for a year, wouldn’t it be more sensible to place the advert during the installation, as opposed to during the removal process…


I have one question about it. Must I uninstall the CIS 5.5 before installing the 5.8 public beta