COMODO Internet Security 5.8.199581.2037 BETA Released!

Hello Everyone,

We would like to announce the availability of COMODO Internet Security 5.8.199581.2037 BETA for beta testing!

What’s new in 5.8 BETA?
At a glance, the following new fatures are the noteworthy changes in this release:
NEW! Strengtened HIPS on 64 Bit operating systems: HIPS has been architected in such a way that now many parts of it are as strong as 32 bit operating systems. Previously, it was possible to bypass some of the protections such as COM interface access etc.
NEW! Seamless integration with COMODO Endpoint Security Manager(ESM): Now any CIS endpoint can be instantly turned into a centrally managed endpoint from the clients! Requires ESM 2.0 and later.
NEW! Antivirus scanning progress: In this release, CAV now can show the percantage of the completed scanning.
NEW! CIS 5.8 has a new UI theme
IMPROVED! CAV realtime scanning performance in Stateful mode

On the BETA roadmap, we plan to introduce a new engine which will reduce the antivirus database size to ~80MB(from ~180 MB)
What needs to be tested?
You are more than welcome to report any issues you find. However we would like your help in testing the new HIPS in 64 bit operating systems against compatibility problems and crashes. Because of the new techniques we used in development, your feedback about the stability of the general operating system as well as compatibility with various applications you might be using is greatly appreciated.

Bug Reports:

BETA NOTICE: This is a BETA software and may have serious bugs which can cause permanent damage to your computer and data. It is intended for qualified beta testers only and must not be used in production systems.

Download Location:

This release is obsolete.



Thanxx Egemen…

Just one question…coz you guyz tested this beta internally…any chance of major prob it can produce on the system? Coz I am going to try it on my production machine as I dont have other system to try.

congrats comodo
this is a huge step for CIS.

Is there a link for the full installer? The installer I got was only 3mb.

One small increment for CIS, one huge leap for Protection!


I am using it in my own PCs for the last few weeks Naren but you never know.

Nope. We especially want to test the Web based installers as we have improved it significantly as well.

How can I install it on a computer that’s offline?

Mine is chocking on the .cav update. Stuck at 44%. Maybe a lot of people installing at once.

You can download the setups using web installer but can choose not to install. MSI files will be downloaded in this case. There is a checkbox while downloading which will let you download only…

That means its quite safe but yes you never know. I am trying it on the main system.

By the way why the downloader is showing 2 progress bars.

1 for CIS app 31mb & other as overall download app 40mb

And I guess also if one installs it in a system the setup can be obtained from comodo downloader folder where CIS saves it during download & install, right?

Thanks for the release. It is gonna make a lot of eager users very happy. Good to hear a new engine is upcoming to help reduce av database size. (:CLP) :■■■■

Are there changes from the mod preview that would make you advice not to import a configuration from the mod previews? I don’t see them.

As in the past, I can’t download the files without first uninstalling my current version of CIS. I would like to download it for another computer I have.

Yes. Exactly. By default: C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader in Windows 7.

Compared to mods release, this one has a better UI and fixed default popup answering logic. So BSODs when you disable popup alerts have been fixed in this release.

From the Mod preview, there is no update available for this (“The system cannot find the file specified”) message again coming up.

I specially wanted to check the Dont give Alerts options introduced under Firewall & Defense +.

So few questions.

Firewall settings for Internet Security config by default is set to allow outgoing & global rules are set to stealth i.e Block all Incoming, so this means no popups from firewall, right?

So what difference does Dont give Alerts - If chosen the option Allow makes over defaults?

Under D+ Dont give Alerts - If chosen Allow, It will allow all D+ popups automatically, right? So it also allows automatically Unlimited Rights popups or not?


In the new installer, you will be able to choose firewall default allow policy before installation. New installer is not included in this release but will be in the next beta release.

The difference is minor: This new option will allow incoming connection alerts too. Not just outbound. By default, will you get incoming alerts though?The answer is No.

Under D+ Dont give Alerts - If chosen Allow, It will allow all D+ popups automatically, right? So it also allows automatically Unlimited Rights popups or not?
Yes D+ alerts will be allowed but those elevation alerts will still be shown. They are controlled by "Automatically detect installers/updaters.." in Sandbox Settings.

This is great, only one sandbox item and no other alerts. :smiley: