COMODO Internet Security 5.4.189822.1355 Released!

Great update thanks to everyone… :slight_smile:

Tried to update 3 times and all got errors. The latest error message is reported below;

“cavscan.estonian.lang : Error 0x80072ee2”

My System
OS: Win 7 32 bit Traditional Chinese
Comodo Firewall only with D+ ver. 5.3xxx1237
Other Security: Avast Free 6, SpyShelter Free

Please Restart once logged in go to start > programs > accessories > (Right Click - Run as Admin) Command Prompt

type in the following
del /f /s /q %temp%
cd %windir%\temp
del /f /s /q .

Then Try To Update Again;

I just updated my Comodo Firewall from here on the Left Coast running no other computer Security software other than Sandboxie and everything went very smoothly and all configurations transfered over perfectly from v5.3! This was my first Comodo upgrade since I got my 120 GB Intel 320 SSD and the process of installing v5.4 whizzed by as though in fast forward!



That’s great to hear :smiley:

Congratulations with the release egemen and team. (:CLP) :■■■■

Is there an option to disable TVL and add my trusted publishers?

Not in this release No…

after offering the upgrade and reboot i found this:

C:>dir “C:\Program Files\NetVeda\Safety.Net”
Volume in drive C is SSD
Volume Serial Number is 7B85-E243

Directory of C:\Program Files\NetVeda\Safety.Net

05.05.2011 01:22 .
05.05.2011 01:22 …
22.12.2004 18:53 26.168 license.pdf
28.09.2007 22:31 73.276 RelNotes.rtf
29.09.2007 19:41 1.034.748 SafetyNet_Guide.pdf
3 File(s) 1.134.192 bytes
2 Dir(s) 6.527.950.848 bytes free

C:>dir "C:\Program Files\NetVeda"
Volume in drive C is SSD
Volume Serial Number is 7B85-E243

Directory of C:\Program Files\NetVeda

13.11.2009 20:05 .
13.11.2009 20:05 …
05.05.2011 01:22 Safety.Net
0 File(s) 0 bytes
3 Dir(s) 6.527.975.424 bytes free

did comodo buy netveda, or what? * costinel confused…

Netvada has nothing to do with Comodo. Nor does it get installed when installing CIS.

;D Beautiful!!! Thanks guys!

Great work guys!


Windows 7 Security center is reporting I have no Firewall or AV even though I have the newest version of CIS installed. ???;wap2=


I’m sure you answered to some issues but not a lot (most?) of others.

This is one example:;msg502109#msg502109

Great!!! Great work guys!

My only issue at present is that the new welcome screen doesn’t seem to be applicable to free users. It talks about how my subscription includes GeekBuddy support, but I do not have a subscription and the GeekBuddy component isn’t even installed. It also says the sandbox prevents unknown programs from running despite the 5.4.x setting still being Partially Limited. Additionally, the box picture is of Pro despite everything else saying Premium.

Other than that it’s all good so far. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Doesn’t use that much memory anymore. Purple and blue highlighted processes are comodo processes.

Good job Comodo! :-TU :rocks:

seems to be working a lot more smoothly and how it was meant to run. before i would always have trusted programs sandboxed. now i havent had a single sandboxed app.

great job comodo this was a much needed maintenance release

:-TU :-TU
Thats good to hear :smiley: