COMODO Internet Security 5.4.189822.1355 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 5.4.189822.1355! This is mostly a maintenance release which addresses a couple of outstanding issues that exist in the previous versions.

What’s New in CIS 5.4.189822.1355?

IMPROVED! Installation experience on Windows 7 and later
IMPROVED! Realtime performance impact to the daily PC operations should be lower in this version
FIXED! HIPS doesn’t block some actions that can be used by malware
FIXED! HIPS doesn’t block modifications to the protected files under certain conditions
FIXED! Firewall sometimes blocks safe applications such as MSN messenger, Skype
FIXED! Some installers crash when CIS is installed
FIXED! Firewall does not detect MAC Spoofing although “Protect the ARP Cache” option is selected
FIXED! Firewall causes high DPC latency under certain conditions
FIXED! Antivirus crashes while scanning specially crafted .PST files
FIXED! Antivirus crashes after or during virus database updates

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q - I am an existing user using a previous version of CIS. Do I receive the updates now?
A - Yes. You can update using CIS updater.
Q - Should I uninstall CIS 5.3 and reinstall CIS 5.4?
A - You dont have to. You can run updater from CIS 5.3.

Q - I had reported an issue before. Is it addressed in this release?
A - We are grateful to you for helping us by reporting the issues you observed. Please be certain that all of the issues reported in the forum are in our formal release process. It might have been addressed in this release. But if it didnt, it will definetly be in the future releases.

Download Locations:

Universal Installer(includes both 32 bit and 64 bit versions):

Size: 60M ( 62046040 )

64 Bit Installer:

Size: 37M ( 38168904 )

32 Bit Installer:

Size: 35M ( 35919688 )

Yes! Another Great Update of CIS!!

Congrats to the Comodo Dev Team :smiley:

Well done!!! :-TU
Bravo for Comodo Team and whole community!!! ;D
Congratulations!!! :■■■■

Congrats to the whole comodo team with another fine release of this product!!!

keep up these great efforts !!! :-TU

Congrats on the news version, and thanks for the more detailed than normal fix list.

Best wishes


Thank you!

I’ve been waited for this. Good job! Great product. :-TU

Even if it’s in romanian, this is a recent proof that Comodo rocks in terms of proactive detection and blocking of new malwares:

One thing I don’t like… :stuck_out_tongue:

GeekBuddy is everywhere! :o

After update and restart there is a nag screen (ok, we can select not to be shown any more…but hey! Avira magic here, please!). 88)

Then I made on-demand scan of a folder with malware and there is “Chat now” button in AV scan window. ???

“Let us install Geek Buddy for you…”?
No thanks, I would like that option to remain in setup process…

Nice :slight_smile:

But… I am getting this:

Of course, I will ignore, but I thought I’d let yous know.

I think it’s good solution for people who don’t know too much…

What was wrong with installation option in previous version?

Can you please report it as false positive to that vendor?

excellent work guys!

update went well. :slight_smile:

good work ;D

I’ve reported here: MBAM detects a file from Comodo - File Detections - Malwarebytes Forums

Thanks, I was just about to do that myself lol :slight_smile:


It’s great news to see that Comodo team continues to improvie what is already considered as the best security suite. Thanks Comodo team and keep it up!

Congrats and it’s see updates :).

Thanks a lot :-TU

Any modifications in Protected Keys or Files?

Congratulations Guys.Once again an excellent release,making things more stable, and looking forward to future improvements mainly Dacs being integrated into Cis, i bet its in 2012 version!. >:-D