COMODO Internet Security 5.3.181415.1237 Update

Hello everyone,

We would like to announce that Comodo Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall 5.3.181415.1237 has just been updated!

This is not a critical update but a precaution. There has been a malware of size 23 MB in the wild which was not detected by CIS unless it is executed. So just for the convenience, we have modified the defaults slightly.

What’s new in 5.3.181415.1237?

CHANGED! Default maximum file size to be scanned has been changed from 20 MB to 40 MB

Download Locations:

CIS Premium:

64 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 36M ( 37477704 )

32 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 34M ( 35188552 )


That’s it? No fixes for the numerous crash dumps I submitted to “cpfbugs” and no fixes for the real-time a/v high CPU usage?

Any need to update for those that use only Firewall and Defence+?

Are there other minor changes in those components (FW & D+)?

Any reason why the release notes page is not kept up to date?

why are the new release notes not posted when the new version of cis is available on the main site. it’s still showing the release notes from 5.3.174622.1216 and not 5.3.181415.1237. it seems like the release notes for each version should be posted when the new version is posted, not days later. what is the cause of this delay

thanks alot for quick update, and slight change.

Thanks, have updated.

I know malware (Nava Shield rogue) which is about 50 MB.
What then?

Thank you for the update.

Also, please update the release notes: :a0

Be aware that updating doesn’t retain all of your current settings! I found a few of my settings changed after the update!

  1. Rootkit scanning was disabled.
  2. A weekly scan was added.
  3. Adaptive mode under low resources was enabled.
  4. My “Allow Active FTP Access” firewall rule was moved below the last blocked rule (requiring me to move it back above the block rule).

Nice. Another botched update? Sounds like this update is not worth the trouble, you can always bump up that file size limit by hand. The Comodo a/v has problems anyway, so why even bother with it. Just use Firewall and D+ with a decent a/v solution (MSE is good enough for example).

I reported the upgrade bug where the scheduled scans are reverted to defaults, but I have low hopes that any of the reported bugs are actually looked at seriously even though we go through the trouble of filling out the template, etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

update went smode and fine here aswell keep up the good work comodo

“I don’t believe it!” (in Victor Meldrew voice of course).

When will Comodo learn?


…for at least the next 6-12 months.

Then after that the dev team can p*** around with extra functions


The translation files has been updated in this version?

i just started the update and it flew through the 33%, 66%, 100% progress bar, but now it’s just sitting on “copying cfpupdat.exe file” and its been like this for 10 mins. and cfpupdat.exe is consuming a consistent 50% cpu utilization. not sure whats going on here. i even cancelled it and restarted the update, but no luck

win7 x64 ult sp1 running just comodo firewall 5.3.176757.1236 with bitdefender AV2011

please advise

Still the same crashes on update CIS from full installer w/o uninstalling prev.ver.
Too bad for developers. Hope you start testing your s/w on NT 5.x, 6.x under obvious settings and configs.

What happens when you temporary disable Bitdefender? Does that help or not?

I do not use the Antivirus, just the Firewall and D+. Do I need to update right now?
5.3.17 is running more than good.


This will help out some people though Those who do not know how to change that setting or don’t want to change it them self’s so this is a good update for some people